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KAMP fee on ballot today

Radio directors worry about station's future if $1 fee fails

The $1 KAMP student radio referendum, which could determine the fate of the program, will be on students' online ballots today and tomorrow in the 2003 Associated Students of the University of Arizona general election.

KAMP directors have said that if students vote to discontinue the fee, which has been added to students' tuition for the past five years, it could jeopardize the station. [Read article]

Polls open today and tomorrow

ASUA's general election began this morning, and until tomorrow evening, students will have a chance to decide who will lead their student government next year.

Voting students will choose the 2003-2004 student body president, administrative vice president, executive vice president and senators.

In the primary elections on March 3 and 4, presidential candidates J.P. Benedict and Jered Mansell beat out Travis Pritchett with 77.67 percent of the vote between the two. Administrative vice presidential candidates Victoria Ruan and Daniel Suh captured a collective 74.35 percent of the vote, preventing Talianna Kattan from advancing to the general election. [Read article]

photo Student set for international meet

While pursuing his master's degree at the UA, Islam Ganal Abdel-Razek has managed to master something else: table tennis.

Abdel-Razek, a public health master's student, will represent Arizona, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Wyoming at this month's Association of College Unions International's International Table Tennis Tournament in Philadelphia.

Abdel-Razek, 31, has been playing table tennis since he was 13 years old. [Read article]

Workshop analyzes equality of UA faculty

More than 150 faculty members and administrators met last week to learn about forms of subtle discrimination and to examine policies and informal practices that may contribute to discrimination on campus.

The Conference on Subtle Discrimination, held Thursday and Friday, addressed everyday discriminatory behaviors that are often expressed inadvertently. Such behaviors include language, rhetoric and stereotyping as well as eye contact differences and frequency of interruptions, said guest speaker Cathy Trower, a senior research analyst at Harvard University. [Read article]

photo Dance students may pay for music

TEMPE ¸ The Arizona Board of Regents decided on Friday to consider in April whether to charge a $10 per credit hour fee for students in studio dance classes to cover the costs of musical accompaniment.

Provost George Davis said he didn't know how many classes this fee would impact, but said that if the regents approve it, no student would be charged more than $50 per semester.

Current regents' policy allows fees to be charged to cover the cost of live models for studio art classes, but not musical accompaniment. [Read article]

photo Greek ╬legacy' continues at UA

Brotherhood has always been a key value among fraternities, but for Josh and David Surridge, brotherhood has a deeper meaning.

David is a legacy in Kappa Sigma fraternity, meaning that a member of his family had been a member before he pledged this semester. In David's case it was his brother Josh that preceded him. Until Josh graduates, the brothers will be actives together.

"I think we understand more how deep the brotherhood is, how much all these guys really do care for each other, and how far they would go to help each other out," said David, an elementary education sophomore. [Read article]

On the Spot

Tucson native does work at the last minute and has no big plans for spring break

WILDCAT: You think this is embarrassing, do you? I really can't see why being in the Wildcat would embarrass anyone.

MARUM: Because this is going to appear on the second page and everyone reads that.

WILDCAT: I wouldn't really worry about that. Nobody reads On the Spot. Why are you at the business college so late? [Read article]

photo Fast Facts

· A toothpick is the object most often choked on by Americans.

· According to a study, 24 percent of lawns have some sort of lawn ornament.

· In the 1985 Boise, Idaho, mayoral election, there were four write-in votes for Mr. Potato Head.

· The Mall of America, located in Bloomington, Minn., is so big that it can hold 24,336 school buses. [Read article]

People & Places

Vice president honored as ╬Pillar of her profession'

The National Association of Student Personnel Administrators has honored University of Arizona Vice President for Campus Life Saundra L. Taylor with the distinction as a Pillar of the Profession.

The NASPA Foundation awards the Pillar designation to honor student affairs administrators who have achieved professional distinction and prominence in their field. [Read article]


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