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UA News
Police Beat

By David Halperin
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Wednesday September 11, 2002

Harassing phone calls

Two students reported receiving 17 harassing phone calls to their dorm room on Saturday and Monday, reports stated.

The students told police the caller would either hang up immediately, or not say anything until one of the students would hang up the phone.

The students used *57 to obtain at least three valid traces of the number, reports stated.

The students asked police for a detective follow-up to identify the caller and have him spoken to about the calls.

If the calls persist or change in content the students said they would wish to press criminal charges, reports stated.

Disturbing the peace

Police restored peace after a student asked another student if he had been, "talking shit to his sister," after a fraternity party date dash Saturday night, reports stated.

At about 12:30 a.m., police went to the northwest corner of East Second Street and North Vine Avenue in response to a report of a disturbance.

Police spoke with a student who said another had yelled at two female freshmen on a bus. He said the student was verbally abusive to both of the students.

Police spoke to another student who said the student had harassed his sister on the bus. His sister had called him on her cell phone and asked him to pick her up at the bus stop.

The student said when the harassing student got off the bus he and several others had an argument with him over the incident.

The student's sister, who had been harassed, returned to the scene and told police she and her friend were on the bus when the student began "hitting on" her friend and became verbally abusive. She said he did not touch her.

Later, the student's brother said he wanted to press charges. Police advised him that he could not because he was not the victim. His sister then said she would press charges, and then said the student had touched her on the bus, but did not specify how, reports stated.

Police noticed all the subjects had an odor of alcohol on them. The female student had been crying and her eyes were red, but police could not detect the smell of alcohol on her. She said she had just come back from a fraternity party and had not been drinking.

Officers spoke with the alleged harassing student as he was walking away from the scene. Police noticed his shirt was wrinkled as if it had been pulled, and appeared dingy as if he was on the ground. There was also a small amount of blood on the front of the shirt, and the student had a small cut on his right wrist.

The student told officers he was on the bus coming back from a date dash, when he went to ask the bus driver a question. A female who was sitting near the driver told him, "Why don't you shut the fuck up?" reports stated.

The student then said he told the female something equally as disrespectful back.

He said when the bus stopped, he got out and was accosted by four men. He said one of them asked him if he was "talking shit to his sister," and then pushed him.

The student said he did not want to take further ac tion, reports stated.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department Records. For a complete list of UAPD activity, the daily resumÄ can be found at


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