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Getting to know Easyco

By Lisa Schumaier
Arizona Daily Wildcat
September 12, 2002

Formerly known as Fallout, the band decided to change it's name after encountering 60 other bands touring Arizona with the same title. Easyco originates from the name of a company in a comic book called "Sgt. Rock." The band members are Cameron Hood (vocals and guitar), Kenyon Hood (vocals, lead guitar), Brock Lange (vocals and bass) and Mike Higgins (drums).

A year ago, they baptized themselves with a new identity and direction. However, music has never been unfamiliar to any of the band mates.

Wildcat: What is a typical scenario from when you first began the band vs. now?

Easyco: Back then? We played a friend's birthday party. People had a game of Ping-Pong off to the side and when their ball bounced behind the drum set they made us stop playing so they could find it and then resume their game. Recently? Impromptu, we played the main stage at Spring Fling in June. We were supposed to be on the side stage so it was a last minute thing. Still, we were in competition with the O-Mega-Tron, a spinning spaceship ride.

Wildcat: Where do you see yourselves two years from now?

Easyco: We used to say, 'Anywhere but MTV.' That has changed, though. We just don't want to be manufactured, put together by the industry. If it takes longer to build credible means, so be it.

Wildcat: What is the music scene like for local bands in Tucson?

Easyco: Rough. It's a lot of good bands playing the same places over again. The places act like they are still doing bands a favor; they don't understand the business aspect of it.

Wildcat: So, the venues are what is rough, more so than the crowds.

Easyco: Definitely. We have to create the buzz if we want good audiences.

Wildcat: Do you do anything unique to create a buzz?

Easyco: Sure, we invite people up to sing with us, and in the middle of our own songs we'll also go out in the audience and interview people. Name, occupation, that sort of thing.

Wildcat: What is the craziest request you have ever received from a member of the audience?

Easyco: Frank Sinatra or "Stairway to Free Bird."

Wildcat: What TV family best describes the relationships between band members?

Easyco: "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." We will fight because we are all so different, but then we'll have our quiet moments together.

Wildcat: Who is Carlton?

Easyco: Cameron is Carlton and Mike is Hillary.

Wildcat: Have you ever thought of doing a cover of the "Fresh Prince" theme song?

Easyco: Already been done.

Wildcat: Give students an example of your best lyrics.

Easyco: (Cameron begins banging his head on the table.) They all mean something. We don't just put fluff in our songs. (Sitting upright again) If you have four minutes to say something, it should be true and meaningful.

Easyco will be performing Friday at 7 p.m. at Belushes, 1112 E. Sixth St.


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