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Section Header
Police Beat

By Devin Simmons
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Thursday April 10, 2003

Three UA students were cited on criminal damage charges Tuesday, after police received reports they were plastering anti-war sign on campus buildings, reports stated.

When officers arrived at the Mall in front of the Student Union Memorial Center, 1303 E. University Blvd., they saw a group of people running from Old Main toward the Arizona State Museum, reports stated.

Police found the subjects hiding in a stairwell on the north side of the museum and nearly let them go because they did not match the provided descriptions. But then one officer discovered a bucket filled with a glue-like substance near the museum's entrance. The officer also found a few freshly adhered posters on the museum sign, reports stated.

One of the students told police that he had been carrying a bucket because he was an art student who was working on a project, reports stated.

Police walked the students to the front of the building, where the bucket was, and one student said they had put up the posters.

He told police they had posted more than 20 posters on campus within 25 minutes and that they came up with the idea from a Web site. The Web site provided instructions for making the glue-like substance, which was a mixture of wheat and water, reports stated.

Another student offered to pay for the damage and turned over a black bag filled with more posters. There were 31 posters in the bag with anti-war statements like "Patriotism is Racist", "What if Iraqis were white?" and "Resistance is fertile." There were also a number of anti-rape posters, one of which said, "U of A ¸ Rapists Heaven," reports stated.

Police called custodial services to remove the posters.

A Desert Diamond Casino blackjack table that was on display outside the Old Main building, 1200 E. University Blvd., was reported stolen Tuesday.

A casino employee told police the table was put on display Monday, but by the time he came to pick it up the next day, it was gone.

The table was worth approximately $4,000, reports stated.

Police have no suspects or witnesses at this time.

A UA student reported a suspicious message on her answering machine Tuesday, reports stated.

The student told police the message was left between April 4 and April 6, by a man whose voice she did not recognize.

The caller left a number for the student to call him back, reports stated.

A man answered the phone when police called the number. The man, also a UA student, said he did not make the call and that he had also received threatening calls, reports stated.

The man went to the police station, where an officer played the recording for him. The man said that he did not recognize the voice and did not know why someone would give out his number, reports stated.

Police advised both students to call them if the calls persist.

An off-duty UAPD officer assisted in a shoplifting incident at a shopping center on East Valencia Road, Tuesday, reports stated.

The officer had parked in front of a video store when he noticed a man walking toward him with two packages under his arms. The officer also noticed that a woman, dressed in a store uniform, was following the man, reports stated.

The woman grabbed one of the bags and yelled at the man, but he resisted. In the confusion, the man dropped one of the bags, and the beer that he was carrying broke and spilled on the ground, reports stated.

The man dropped the other bag when he saw the officer begin to approach him. The officer told the man to stop, but he fled across East Valencia Road, reports stated.

The officer then contacted the Tucson Police Department and got in his car to pursue the man. He found him hiding behind some trash containers at the far end of the shopping center, and then turned the case over to a Tucson Police officer who arrived at the scene, reports stated.

A homeless man was cited after he was found sleeping in a lounge in the Student Union Memorial Center, 1303 E. University Blvd., Tuesday, reports stated.

Two union employees approached a police officer after they discovered the man in the lounge. They told police that he had urinated on a couch that he was sleeping on, reports stated.

The same man had been found in the lounge five days prior to the incident, and was warned then not to return.

Police cited the man on trespassing charges, and warned him again to stay away from the lounge.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department Records. For a complete list of UAPD activity, the daily resumÄ can be found at

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