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photo Garage opens, late and short on space

Behind schedule, Sixth Street Parking Garage opens with more than 400 fewer spaces than planned

Three weeks after the scheduled completion of its first phase, the new Sixth Street Parking Garage is open, but has far fewer spaces than were originally planned.

Originally slated to be completed by Aug. 1 and open Aug. 12, the first section of the garage opened yesterday with only 337 spaces instead of 750. [Read article]

Regents: budget request for next year is inflated

UA administrators urged to agree on a more realistic request after last year's cuts

Thirty-five million dollars is too high a budget increase for UA to ask from the Arizona State Legislature for next year, the Arizona Board of Regents told university administrators at an Aug. 16 meeting.

Administrators are renegotiating a number this week.

Regents are in favor of a more modest request one that came via administrators to replace the $20.3 million UA lost last year between budget cuts and lower than expected state funding. [Read article]

photo Wildcat Welcome helps out new and returning students

When most students move into the dorms they get help from their parents, friends and roommates but some opt for help from top university administrators.

It's called Wildcat Welcome Week, and the program, which is in its fourth year, kicked off Wednesday as university faculty, administrators and staff helped new students move into their residence halls.

The program is in full swing and offers students food, directions to class, entertainment, tours of campus and free shuttles to malls and grocery stores, said Juliette Moore, the director of campus recreation. [Read article]

Dorms enact stricter no-drug policy

One-time marijuana users now face eviction under ResLife agreement

Students living in residence halls can now be evicted for being caught using marijuana just one time, under a new residence life policy.

Students were asked to sign a new agreement upon moving into the residence halls this year that details a host of offenses that can result in eviction.

The agreement, titled "Ways to Get Evicted," is a part of a new illegal substance policy that the UA Department of Residence Life has started this year, which sets a "one-strike" rule against illegal substances in an effort to combat rising drug usage. [Read article]

Four-year plan reassigns new IDs to all students, drops Social Security numbers

Under Arizona law, UA can no longer use social security numbers as identification; the old system is being phased out

Current students who still use their Social Security numbers for identification have the option to replace their Social Security numbers, but most haven't.

Only 125 students have requested a new identification number since January.

Under recent state law it is illegal to for the UA to use students' Social Security numbers as identification. [Read article]

Viewpoints: How students spent their summer

photos by Emily Reid

With temperatures rising well above 100 degrees and humidity making things feel even worse, those of us stuck in Tucson this summer were admiring the people who got out. The Wildcat asked those fortunate enough to get out how they spent their summer.

"My mom and I drove this great big truck from Missouri and we got pulled over by the cops. Apparently we didn't pay for our gas. So the cops pulled us over, but they were really nice. They drove all the way back and gave (the cashier) our money." [Read article]

On the Spot: Junior philosophizes on U.S. administration, growing up and enjoying many spouses

WILDCAT: What are you majoring in?

SCHECHTER: Political science.

WILDCAT: Why did you pick political science?

SCHECHTER: Because we've already proven that any anal sphincter can be president. I figure as Chief Justice of the Supremes, I might be able to accomplish something.

WILDCAT: Okay. Did you have a good summer?

SCHECHTER: No, I lost my job and I took two courses here. [Read article]


Fast facts:

  • In 1500 B.C. in Egypt, a shaved head was considered the ultimate in feminine beauty. Egyptian women removed every hair from their heads with special gold tweezers and polished their scalps to a high sheen with buffing cloths.
  • The driver's test was invented in France in 1893. Drivers of all self-propelledvehicles had to undergo an exam that included driving ability and vehicle repair.
  • Politically and socially, Switzerland is one of the most stable nations in the world. This is remarkable, considering its small size and limited supply of primary resources.

    On this date:

  • In 55 B.C., a thousand men of the seventh and 10th Roman legions under Julius Caesar landed in Deal in England.
  • In 1789, The Declaration of the Rights of Man was adopted by the French National Assembly.
  • In 1889, boxer Jack Dempsey was defeated for the first time in his career as George LaBlanche used the pivot punch to knock him out.
  • In 1892, fire seriously damaged New York's original Metropolitan Opera House, located at Broadway and 39th Street.
  • In 1970, Elton John's first concert appearance in the United States was held at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, Calif. On the spot, a record company executive for UNI Records, a division of MCA, signed Elton to a recording contract.
  • In 1997, an unlucky camel at the Knowsley Safari Park on Merseyside, England was killed by lightning.


    "I want to run the 50- or 100-yard dash with my grandbabies."

    Eddie Lloyd George on being sent to prison for 17 years before DNA tests proved his innocence.


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