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To think Hussein peace- loving is just ridiculous

In Friday's letter "Justifications for Iraq war misinformed, hypocritical," Mr. Logan Smith did a very nice job of putting words in my mouth, then criticizing my opinions based on that. Today's lesson in having a brain and using it will be based on his letter.

I never said Hussein booted the U.N. inspectors out of Iraq. I said he denied them access to look for the weapons he is suspected of having. He continually refused to allow them to search in areas with extremely dubious excuses, and did all he could to prevent the inspectors from doing their job. [Read article]

Please enter your lover's name here

A proposed UA dating policy would require employees to inform a supervisor of romantic relationships with their subordinates but administrators shouldn't be surprised when they don't get the result they're hoping for.

The new Interim Policy for Management of Personal Conflicts of Interest was created to inform university officials of supervisor-subordinates or student-faculty relationships that may lead to conflicts of interests. The policy must be approved by all campus constituencies as well as President Peter Likins before going into permanent effect. [Read article]

Last week: the week when reason went up in smoke

Have a case of the Mondays? Not this Monday. The world should celebrate today's edition of Monday. Not because there is anything inherently wonderful about today, but because last week is officially over. It's about time. Last week may very well be remembered as the most absurd week in the history of the world.

For those not keeping track, last week produced two Congressmen who hailed Saddam Hussein as the keeper of truth's eternal flame, and decried President Bush, thankfully not as the great Satan, but as a liar. Additionally, Democrats in New Jersey renewed their assault on law and order with their eleventh-hour replacement of Senator Robert Toricelli on the ballot in an attempt to circumvent his inevitable slaughter in November. And if that weren't enough, the city of New York reports that Charles Rhodes of Brooklyn has 499 delinquent parking tickets totaling more than $66,000. [Read article]

photo Two party system provides real choices

A friend and colleague of mine, Caitlin Hall, is bent on convincing me that the two party system is deeply flawed and is responsible for most of what is wrong today. I disagree.

I am not a Democrat because I see it as the only alternative to being a Republican, and I'm not a Democrat because I think it's popular.

In a letter to the editor Thursday, "Winsky raises good issues for governor's campaign," another student passionately endorsed Richard Mahoney for governor. [Read article]

Guest Commentary: U.S. aggression against Iraq criminal

How tragic it is that today the same historical genocidal mentality that annihilated millions of indigenous people in North America and enslaved millions of Africans continues! The lies, propaganda, and deceit on the part of the Bush regime continues unabated in its vitriolic assault on the people of Iraq, ostensibly because Saddam Hussein possesses weapons of mass destruction. Most people are unaware that the United States provided Iraq with chemical weapons during Iraq's war with Iran, furnishing anthrax seeds and helicopters with dual-use capability, as part of a $1 billion subsidy to buy U. S. farm products. Bush and his appointees knowingly conceal that the United States itself has already used chemical weapons in Iraq. Bechtel Corporation, of which former U. S. Secretary of State George Schulz under the Reagan administration was a board member, helped Iraq set up a plant to manufacture ethylene dioxide that could be used to manufacture mustard gas. In 1991, 300 tons of depleted uranium bombs were dropped by U. S forces during the invasion of Iraq, contaminating water supplies, resulting in thousands of deformed births and diseased children and effecting hundreds of thousands of U. S troops who have come to suffer from "Gulf-War Syndrome." [Read article]


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