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Police Beat

By Kristopher Califano
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Monday November 18, 2002

Brassieres stolen

A group of men, some of whom are U.S. marines, are suspected to have stolen some brassieres last week. A student's brassieres were stolen Nov. 11 after she allowed four unknown men to enter her residence hall room, reports stated.

A female student and her friend were walking back to Sky View Apartments, 1050 E. Eighth St., from a party at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.

The women were near East Fourth Street and North Highland Avenue at about 1 a.m. when a large passenger van filled with eight to 10 men pulled up next to them, reports stated.

One of the men asked if the student and her friend needed a ride anywhere.

The women got in and the men drove them to their apartment. The student and her friend invited the men to come into the room to use a phone book, reports stated.

While in the room, one of the men turned on the student's stereo and the men started dancing in the living room of the apartment, reports stated.

The student exchanged phone numbers with one of the men before telling them they all had to leave her apartment, reports stated.

The next morning, the student awoke and realized that four bras that were drying on a living room chair were missing. The brassieres are worth approximately $146, reports stated. She told police that she would not press charges if the items were returned, or if her losses were reimbursed.

Police called one of the men and learned that he and some of the other men were Marines on temporary duty in Tucson, reports stated.

The Marine said he didn't know who took the bras but would talk to the other men and call the police back. On Wednesday, the Marine whom police had contacted earlier gave the police three bras and $40, explaining that someone gave him the undergarments and cash anonymously, reports stated.

The items were turned over to the student and no charges were pressed.

Cutting test with knife in class

A student pulled out a small pocketknife in front of his classmates Wednesday and began carving into his graded and returned test, reports stated.

The instructor had just handed graded tests back to the students at the Modern Languages building, 1423 E. University Blvd., when the student, 20, began slicing his test with the knife. Neither the instructor nor any students said they felt threatened by the student's actions.

Police spoke with the student and asked to see his knife. The student handed over a two- to three-inch pocketknife, and said it was authorized by the university, reports stated.

Officers handed the knife back to the student and told him that he was not allowed to open it during class because he was disrupting the peaceful conduct of an educational institution, reports stated.

The instructor said the student has never made any threatening comments, but has been disruptive in the past. She also said she reported the incident because she wanted it documented, reports stated.

Her supervisor, the director of basic languages, said he was satisfied with the results of the incident, reports stated.

Attempting to buy beer with false I.D.

A student was arrested Wednesday after he tried to buy beer near campus with a fake ID, reports stated.

Police went to Texaco, 501 N. Park Ave., after a manager reported that an underage student was trying to buy beer, reports stated. The student told police he was just trying to buy a submarine sandwich and identified himself with an ID that claimed he was over 21-years-old, reports stated.

Police looked at the ID and quizzed the student on his name, birth date and address. The student answered the officer's questions correctly but could not explain why his height, weight and eye color did not corroborate with the ID, reports stated.

The student also said he was coming back from the Student Recreation Center, 1400 E. 6th St., and didn't have any other form of identification on him.

When police asked how he got into the gym without his CatCard, the student said he gave it to his friends after he left, reports stated.

When police asked if the man had money to pay for the sandwich, the man said yes. However, he couldn't find any in his pockets and would not pull out his wallet, reports stated.

"OK, I'm not going to lie anymore. That's not my license," the student said to the police.

The student said he was using his older brother's driver license to buy an 18-pack of beer. He said he had his brother's ID because he was using it a few weeks ago to get into casinos in Las Vegas, reports stated. The student was arrested and released on suspicion of misrepresentation of age to obtain alcohol and false reporting to a law enforcement officer, reports stated.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department Records. For a complete list of UAPD activity, the daily resumÄ can be found at


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