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photo Shootings spur drop policy

Proposal aims to allow faculty to drop any student who is documented to be threatening

If a student is considered threatening or harmful, faculty and staff could document the student's behavior and faculty member could drop the student from class if a proposal discussed yesterday by faculty leaders is adopted.

If the proposal goes through, a box would be added on administrative drop forms that would note a faculty member is dropping a student from the class "with prejudice." [Read article]

photo Sweatshop activists are losing steam

The group that locked down the Administration building two years ago and held regular protests on the UA Mall to call attention to workers' rights has been quieted by a loss of members, a scattered agenda and fewer planning meetings.

Students Against Sweatshops conducts more business online, does not hold regular meetings and has lost members who have graduated, said SAS member Rachel Wilson. [Read article]

photo Program steers biz whizzes to launch own enterprises

Though the election season stump speeches of many politicians focused on making the UA a stronger engine in Arizona's economy and founding new businesses, students are graduating with the skills to start their own business right out of college.

An entrepreneurship program run out of the Eller College of Business and Public Administration for nearly two decades has graduated students who have started 100 companies, said Joann Rockwell, program director for the Berger Entrepreneurship program. [Read article]

On the Spot

Undeclared freshman knows not much but nuts can top a rainy day and a rocky road

WILDCAT: So why the crap are you eating ice cream right now? It is so dang cold.

QUAIN: It's not that cold, first of all, and second of all, it's good.

WILDCAT: It is good. I have a friend who can eat gallons of ice cream on his own. He has this contest with this girl every week where they race to see who can eat a large amount of ice cream the fastest. Crazy, huh? [Read article]

U-WIRE: UC-Santa Barbara tries to curb drinking by notifying mom, dad

LOS ANGELES ÷ In an effort to improve the reputation of one of its neighboring communities, the University of California Santa Barbara this year began sending notification letters to parents of students who were arrested in Isla Vista for alcohol-related infractions.

Isla Vista, which is located near UCSB and is home to many of its students, is famous for its wild parties, and infamous for alcohol-related problems. [Read article]

U-WIRE: Shoppers should Ībe cautious' of identity theft over holidays

NORMAN, Okla. ÷ Students worrying about identity theft while online should not stop surfing the Internet or shopping on the Web.

Instead, they need to be more cautious while finishing up the holiday season, said FBI spokesman Gary Johnson. And online is not the only place to be cautious.

"(Students) probably don't realize the people that can have access to their information," said Johnson, who operates out of the FBI's Oklahoma City office. [Read article]

U-WIRE: U. Iowa breaks record with 8 student, 3 faculty Fulbrights

IOWA CITY, Iowa ÷ A record number of University of Iowa faculty and students were awarded prestigious Fulbright fellowships for the 2002-03 academic year to research subjects ranging from Slovene poetry to French cinema.

Eight UI students and three faculty received fellowships through the Fulbright Scholar Program, which aims to build mutual understanding among the United States and other countries. Ordinarily, three to five UI students are awarded fellowships, said Elizabeth Constantine, the UI Fulbright program adviser. [Read article]


Fast facts:

  • The first black-and-white motion picture to be digitally converted to color was "Yankee Doodle Dandy," the 1942 biopic of entertainer George M. Cohen.
  • On Oct. 17, 1949, Northwest Airlines became the first airline in the United States to serve alcoholic beverages in flight.
  • Dolphins do not breath automatically, as humans do, and so they do not sleep as humans do. If they become unconscious, they would sink to the bottom of the sea. Without the oxygen they need to take in periodically, they would die.
  • The basilica was Pompeii's largest building and was used for legal and commercial business. In the fourth century, this style of building was adopted by the newly legal Christian religion. It became the standard floor plan for the churches, or "basilicas," of medieval Europe.
  • Sylvester Stallone wrote and directed the John Travolta film vehicle "Staying Alive" (1983).

    On this date:

  • In 1814, the Comte de Sade, known as the Marquis de Sade, died. His sexual fetishes and writings about them was the inspiration for the term "sadism."
  • In 1887, Britain's acclaimed author Charles Dickens performed his first United States public reading in New York City.
  • In 1940, a seat on the New York Stock Exchange cost $33,000. This was the lowest price tag for a seat since 1899, when they sold at the bargain price of $29,500.
  • In 1952, keeping his campaign promise, President-elect Dwight D. Eisenhower arrived in war-torn Korea to help promote a peace settlement.
  • In 1971, the unmanned Soviet spacecraft Mars 3 landed on Mars.
  • In 1993, Pablo Escobar, boss of the Medellin cocaine cartel in Colombia, was killed in a shootout as police tried to arrest him.


    "So far, the signs are not encouraging."

    ÷ President George W. Bush after the first week of United Nations weapons inspections, on the progress of the U.N. resolution to disarm Iraq.


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