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UA News
Police Beat

By David Halperin
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Wednesday September 4, 2002

Harassing phone call

A student reported receiving a harassing phone call at her dorm room on Monday, reports stated.

The student told officers that at about 1:30 a.m. she was on the phone when she received another call. The call was from an unknown man who asked her what she was wearing twice before she hung up the phone.

The student said she did not recognize the voice of the man, but described his voice as sleepy or groggy, with no discernible accent or impediment.

Police advised the student to contact the University of Arizona Police Department as soon as she receives another such call, reports stated.

Harassing phone call

A student reported receiving an obscene phone call at her dorm room Monday, reports stated.

The student told police that at about 2:20 a.m., she received an obscene call from an unknown man.

She told officers she was falling in and out of sleep when the phone rang. She answered the phone and began hearing, "deep heavy breathing," for about seven seconds. The student asked who the caller was, and if he was a friend of her roommate. The man said, "What clothes are you wearing right now?" and the student then hung up the phone.

The phone immediately rang again and the student picked up the phone and hung it up, assuming it was the same caller.

The student described the caller as, "whispering with a deep voice," reports stated.

Police informed the student on how to trace a phone call using *57 and to call police if she receives any more calls.

Police believe this call could be related to the previous call because of the similar voice descriptions and the short amount of time between the calls.

There are no suspects at this time, reports stated.


A student reported Friday that she is being harassed and possibly stalked by a man she met over the Internet, reports stated.

The student told officers she met a man on the Internet in February 2002, and began talking casually with him.

The student told the man, who lives in Tucson, that she would be attending UA. The student said they continued to talk, but eventually their Internet friendship faded away and she lost contact with the man.

At some point in August she met a man with a different screen name, who described himself as a 26-year-old lawyer who had graduated from UA. She gave this man her cell phone number, and they began to speak on the phone.

She said the man began to ask to meet her and to go out with him. She refused but continued to speak with the man on occasion.

The student told police that on Aug. 23, her roommate was complaining about a man that she had met on the Internet who was becoming strange and aggressive. Her roommate said he continually asked personal questions and tried to get her to go out with him.

The student decided to find out if they had been speaking with the same man. They confronted him, and he said he had been speaking to both of them.

The students said after it was revealed that he knew them both, he began asking more personal questions such as where they lived and what they looked like, and if they would go out with him on some kind of a date, reports stated. Both students refused and ended the conversation.

On Aug. 24, the man called asking for the student's roommate. The student said she was out "partying" with some guy. The man became upset and started threatening to inform the respective sororities that the women had applied for, saying they were violating the code of conduct enforced by the sororities. The man said he would make sure they wouldn't make it in the sororities unless the student agreed to have sex with him, reports stated.

The student refused and hung up on the man.

The man called back stating that he wasn't kidding and knew people in high places. He said if she didn't "fuck his brains out," that he would make sure they would be kicked out of the sororities.

The student refused, and hung up the phone. For a couple days she ignored the man's calls and Internet messages.

On Aug. 29, the student spoke with the man on the phone. He said he knew where she lived, that he was upset and he would be by her room in 15 minutes.

She told him not to call her ever again. The man never showed up, reports stated. The student blocked the man's screen name, and refused his calls.

The student said she did not respond until the man returned to using the screen name she was familiar with from before she came to Tucson. She said the man was as pleasant as before, and she proceeded to give him her phone number.

The student said when he called, the man said, "So your not talking to me on any other screen name," reports stated.

The student hung up the phone and decided to contact police. The student told officers she would press charges if necessary, reports stated.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department Records. For a complete list of UAPD activity, the daily resumÄ can be found at


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