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Section Header
Booze leads to frat bust

By Cara O'Connor
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Wednesday January 22, 2003

University suspends Pi Kappa Alpha's recognition for recent alcohol violation

More than 20 Pi Kappa Alpha members are awaiting a decision from the dean of students and their national chapter as to the future of the fraternity on the UA campus.

The UA temporarily withdrew its recognition of the fraternity yesterday in response to a September violation of its probation.

The fraternity, also known as "Pike," was originally placed on social probation in fall 2001 when a number of fights involving fraternity members were reported.

Most recently, though, Greeks Advocating Mature Management of Alcohol (GAMMA) officials found bottled alcohol at a "dry" (non-alcohol) bid night party at the fraternity.

Alcohol is forbidden at all open-campus events at fraternities, according to the Intra-Fraternity Council, Pan-Hellenic and GAMMA student risk management policy,

According to Pike President Drew Baxter, however, no members of the fraternity were involved in the most recent GAMMA violation because a group of girls brought alcohol with them to the party.

The girls were required to leave, but the fraternity was still disciplined, Baxter said.

Pike members appealed the initial disciplinary decision, but in December it was still found in violation of the policy, Hernandez said.

The fraternity plans to appeal again to the dean of students.

"I think the appeal will be successful if the people we are appealing to realize what we are trying to do and what a positive influence in the community we can be," Baxter said.

The fraternity members have already had to complete a cumulative 500 hours of community service, attend a GAMMA committee presentation about alcohol policies and deliver a presentation to the dean of students about changes made within the fraternity as part of disciplinary measures handed out by the Office of the Dean of Students, Hernandez said.

Following the initial violation in 2001, Pike was prohibited from hosting or participating in any activities from November 2001 to May 16, 2002, Baxter said.

"We have made tremendous changes. It's like night and day from what it was, and all the guys are committed to change. That's why it hurts so much to lose it over this," Baxter said.

Last year, Pike made changes to its judicial board, which deals with chapter discipline, Baxter said.

"We had to let go of a lot of traditions to avoid losing our fraternity," he said

In May, Delta Chi fraternity lost UA recognition and other campus sorority and fraternity members worry that the house closures will give Greeks a bad reputation.

"Two houses have closed within the past year. I think it is going to affect the people rushing," Delta Tau Delta President Nate Carlon said. "With houses having their charters removed the Greek system is going to fold."

The National Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha will determine whether the UA chapter will keep its charter and if the men in the Pike house will be able to continue living there, Baxter said.

Alumni own the house where the fraternity members live and are responsible for its regulations. The UA is not responsible for decisions regarding the physical house, said Chris Bullins, Coordinator for Greek Life.

Members of the Pike Alumni Association were not available for comment.


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