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Athlete of the Week: Rierson's return to form

RANDY METCALF/Arizona Daily Wildcat
When UA pitcher Sean Rierson finishes up his college-playing career, he hopes to eventually play in front of capacity crowds at the Major League level. The junior was named National Pitcher of the Week after throwing a two-hit shutout victory, 6-0, at UC Irvine on Saturday.
By Dave Stevenson
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Wednesday February 19, 2003

Name: Sean Rierson
Class: Junior
Height: 6-foot-3
Weight: 200 pounds
Major: Economics and business management
Why he won: Was named Collegiate Baseball/Louisville Slugger National Pitcher of the Week and Pacific 10 Conference player of the week after he threw a complete game, two-hit shut out against California Irvine last Saturday.

Wildcat: How did you piece together this game after you had a 14.14 ERA through your first two games of the season?

Rierson: I changed my mechanics. My arm was dragging when I was going to the plate so now I bring my leg back down more after the leg kick. It gives my arm a chance to catch up with my body.

Wildcat: Did you get any trophies or plaques for the awards?

Rierson: I have no idea. I haven't talked to either of them.

Wildcat: How big was that third start of the season for you?

Rierson: It brought the confidence back and I remembered to pitch the way I know how to pitch.

Wildcat: Did you think the team would sweep last weekend's series?

Rierson: This team is hands down a lot more talented than years past. I had a feeling as soon as we got there everything would work out.

Wildcat: Do you like being one of the oldest guys on the pitching staff?

Rierson: Yes, because I get to share with the younger guys on what to expect and what is expected of them.

Wildcat: You pitched last year on Fridays and now you've pitched on Saturdays all season. Have you noticed differences between the two days?

Rierson: I get a little more information about the opposing team because I get to see the team during Friday's game.

Wildcat: When was the last time you got to bat in a game?

Rierson: My senior year in high school. I don't remember what happened but we won the state championship.

Wildcat: Because a lot of players have been sick over the past two weeks, is the entire team gong to get flu shots together?

Rierson: No, everyone is getting over it, which is good. All of them will be immune to it.

Wildcat: Is it scary that an Orioles pitcher died on Monday?

Rierson: It is. I'm sure it had some(thing) to do with ephedrine. I won't go near that product because I heard about the death.

Wildcat: If you and Luke Walton were walking on campus together, who'd get the most attention?

Rierson: Luke would because he's on the No. 1 team in America and on TV twice a week. We don't get 17,000 fans a game and we're not on TV twice a week but we'll definitely get there.

Wildcat: What would you do outside of baseball?

Rierson: I'd shoot a round of golf.

Wildcat: If you could be any kind of tree, what would you be?

Rierson: I'd be a palm tree because it's got the best view of the ocean from the beach.

Wildcat: Who would win in a fight, Batman or Superman?

Rierson: Superman, because he can saw off trees with his eye rays. He'd do that to Batman.

Wildcat: How do you make a sandwich?

Rierson: Turkey, American cheese, honey mustard and lettuce. I only like honey mustard and I just started putting on the lettuce. I don't like anything else, I'm just a plain guy.

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