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Arizona Daily Wildcat
Friday October 25, 2002

Food Reviews

6958 E. Tanque Verde Road

A remote little east side spot, Fuego offers a wonderful dinner menu and an elegant wine selection. Comfortable lighting falls over a spread of tables and booths, sided by a full bar, with patio dining available as well. Stylized salads and appetizers usher in magnificently prepared entrees featuring lobster, steak, lamb and bison, sided with sauted vegetables. Five-star service ensures an agreeable meal and the desert menu is as rich as the chocolate. Tasteful music hovers faintly behind conversation, and some weekends offer a rather impressive Sinatra impersonator singing with a little bit of Frankie Blue's style. Comfortable to elegant attire, depending on your mood.

Eric Bochner

The Garland Restaurant
119 E. Speedway Blvd.

Garland Restaurant is a great place for families with alternative or varied eating needs. The menu includes a huge variety of foods, many of which are vegetarian or vegan fare. Many of the Garland's dishes can be prepared without the use of animal products, and their meat products are separately prepared and stored. However, the Garland also offers lots of "normal" dishes, which makes dining easy for those who have different food lifestyles. The prices range from $5 to $16 for a meal, and the selection is extensive. Mexican food, pasta, sandwiches, crepes, breakfast foods and salads are offered in full array.

Biz Bledsoe

Blue Willow Restaurant
2616 N. Campbell Ave.

Some restaurants have good breakfasts, but Blue Willow has great breakfasts at reasonable prices. They offer a great selection of tasty items that will satisfy even the most finicky curmudgeons, all at top quality. Freshly squeezed orange juice, fresh brewed coffee, different styles of egg dishes such as the Blue Willow special which involves a tortilla, salsa, eggs, lots of cheese, cream cheese, chicken I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. Enjoy all of this while sitting in their outdoor patio area, which is screened in, so no bugs, and well ventilated. The Willow makes ample room for large groups of people, so the whole family is welcome.

Kevin Smith

Rocco's Little Chicago
2707 E. Broadway Blvd.

Looking for some good old Chicago-style pizza? I know you are. Big, fat stuffed pizzas, loaded with meats and veggies, crusts so buttery you drown in saturated pleasure.

Rocco's Little Chicago is a small family-run business that is known for serving the best deep-dish style pizza in town. The deep-dish pizza is the specialty, but if you want it bigger you can have it stuffed. If you're stuck on tradition, go for the thin crust.

Not only do the pizzas rock, but Rocco's also has been voted by the Tucson Weekly as having the best hot wings in Tucson. You can get those wings mild, medium, hot, or ass burning! Served with homemade ranch dressing, how could you go anywhere else?

Lindsay Utz

Tucson Lifestyle

Nightfall at Old Tucson Studios
Old Tucson Studios
201 S. Kinney Road

Old Tucson Studios is the home of such movies as "The Three Amigos," "Tombstone" and "The Quick and the Dead." But every October when the sun goes down, Old Tucson is transformed into the terror-filled town of Nightfall. Nightfall has plenty of scares and fun for people of all ages. Nightfall will be open Oct. 25 and Oct. 26 from 6 p.m. to midnight, and on Oct. 27 from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Adults 12 and over are admitted for $16.95 and children 4 to 11 years old for $13.95. Some of the haunted adventures may be too scary for the little ones, so consider yourself warned.

Paul Iiams

Center for Creative Photography
1030 N. Olive Road

If you are intrigued by intricate images; if your eyes long for the sight of brilliant color; if you enjoy meditating upon a photograph in order to discover a deeper meaning hidden beneath the obvious surface; if provocative figures bring a revelation to you about your own life; if art sparks any interest in your heart at all, visit the Center for Creative Photography. Currently exhibiting Lauren Greenfield's "Girl Culture" and Lee Friedlander's "The Little Screens", this center has a plethora of works by over 2,000 photographers. Open from noon until 5 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays, this is an excellent place for the aesthetically appreciative family to explore.

Lindsay Walker

Buckelew Farms Corn Maze
17000 W. Ajo Way

A trip through a giant corn maze cut into the shape of a cow might sound like kids' stuff. But it won't after you've passed by the same stalk of corn four times. And when you've seen the weird swarm of insects and birds circling over the corn. And after you get bitten by a mosquito and run home to check for symptoms of West Nile Virus. Paranoia aside, the maze's 12 checkpoints spanning about four miles of corn trail make for a fun night out with the family. Oh, and if you do go during the day, you can visit their pumpkin patch and petting zoo, too.

Jessica Suarez


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