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Thursday September 11, 2003
photo Love and/or Terror

Since Aug. 3, a unique and timely exhibit dealing with the conflicting subjects of love and terror has resided at the UA Museum of Art. "Love and/or Terror: A Book Arts Exhibition" features pieces by 50 contemporary artists ranging from Tucsonans and UA professors to internationally known artists. Each piece is in the form of a book, and each piece deals, in some way, with either the subject of love, or of terror, or both. [Read article]

Bar Wars: O'Malley's vs. Maloney's

O'Malley's on Fourth
247 N. 4 th Ave.
Rating: 3

When they told me that I had to go out and cover some of Tucson's college bars, I was like, "No way, they're going to pay me to go out and drink!? I was going to do that anyway!"

But there I was, on a particularly nondescript Thursday night, waiting in line outside of O'Malley's on Fourth with a group of drinking buddies, dressed up in our finest bar-hopping attire (well, maybe that's pushing it). [Read article]

photo A little bit of wine with your cheese?

533 N. 4th Ave.

Finally, a place on Fourth Avenue where your entrŽe need not be a sandwich and your drink need not be a beer. Delectables offers a full food and drink menu, attentive service and a pleasant ambience without the pretentiousness that accompanies many other restaurants that offer cheese plates, bottles of wine and artwork on the wall.

That's not to say one can't enjoy a sandwich and a beer at Delectables. It is to say Delectables seems to be about options. Their Delightful Salads menu includes an antipasto salad, Greek salad, Waldorf chicken salad and one they call "Tucson's Best Chef Salad," to name a few. I ordered the Chef Salad ($7.50) to see if indeed it was the best. The verdict: very good but probably not the best. Though the salad came with a heaping portion of greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese and an entire hard-boiled egg, the one marinated artichoke heart and few slices of avocado looked measly in comparison to the abundance of the other salad components. Perhaps the allure of the salad lies with the extensive choices for protein ÷ choose chicken, turkey, tabbouleh, ham, curry almond tuna, Waldorf chicken salad or African tuna salad to top the salad. I got the chicken and tried a dill ranch dressing on the side. The dressing was the first of the truly delectable items I tried at my lunch. [Read article]

German Film series begins this week

The German Film Series gets underway with "The Axe of Wandsbek", showing tonight at 7:30 in the Modern Languages auditorium.

"Wandsbek", directed by Falk Harnack, depicts the way normal citizens were forced to commit brutal murders during Hitler's reign. The film was taken out of German cinemas right after its premiere in 1951.

The series continues every other Thursday through Nov. 20 with films documenting Germany's history in politics, lifestyle and cinema. [Read article]

photo "Splendor" often splendid

Rating: 3.5

I don't do much killing or crime fighting, and I'm not a talking duck.

I pretty much suck when it comes to having classical comic book personality traits.

But giving hope to all of us who suck is Harvey Pekar, the lead character in "American Splendor."

"Splendor" is the true story of everyman Pekar (Paul Giamatti), divorced twice and sleepwalking through his meaningless job as a file clerk. Pekar's few passions include collecting records and comic books. [Read article]

photo Chango chase Lucy, release her with friends at Congress

Chango Malo, Tucson's premier local rock band, are to officially release their first, proper album at an all-ages CD release party Friday night at Club Congress.

Although the band has released two previous EPs, The Business Of Fancy Dancing, and Septic Style, this will be their first full-length album.

Alas Poor Lucy was recorded in April and June of this year and features six new songs and six augmented tunes that were included on Septic. [Read article]

photo Music



Rating: 3.5

After losing founding guitarist Chris DeGarmo in 1998 and their long-time EMI label in 1997, QueensrŘche has become a shadow of its former self, to say the least.

In their latest release, Tribe, the hard-rockers of the 1980s have considerably mellowed out.

Like me, if you were a bit disappointed with Metallica's turn after the Black album, then you'll understand my beef with Tribe. [Read article]

photo Exhibit looks back on professor's work

Cramming thirty years of your life into a gallery exhibition seems masochistic. Especially when you imagine all the people that will be viewing these personal artifacts from the '70s and '80s. As college students, most of us do not even have thirty years to look back on much less that anyone would want to see, unless you are Alfred Quiroz. On sabbatical from his professorship here at the UA, Quiroz is an internationally renowned artist that has been plugging away since before we were born. On September 13 th, the Museum of Contemporary Art will present "Razor's Edge," a compilation of works from Quiroz's past thirty years as an artist. [Read article]

Staff Picks

"Family Guy: Volume 2"

"What the deuce?" Since being cancelled, "Family Guy" has become a sensation. The reruns are the most-watched show on Cartoon Network, and it's even given Leno and Letterman some problems during late-night. The show follows fat oaf Peter Griffin's misfit family that includes a British baby who relentlessly plots to kill his mother and an alcoholic dog. Seth McFarland's show is too controversial and dirty for prime time network television, but it's right at home in a college dorm room or apartment. Possibly the funniest animated show ever, "Family Guy" blends "South Park" political commentary with The Simpsons slapstick. "Volume 2" has 21 episodes from season three and an unaired episode. Buy and cherish for eternity. [Read article]

Campus, Music & Film Calendar

Going on around Campus

· The Arizona Repertory Theater presents "Rumors" by Neil Simon, author of "The Odd Couple," as well as "Brighton Beach Memoirs." This week's showings are Sept. 11 ö Sept. 13, at 7:30 p.m. at the Marroney Theatre, on the southeast corner of North Park Avenue and East Speedway Boulevard. General admission is $22, students pay $15. Call 621-1162 for more details. [Read article]

Naked in front of a bunch of old ladies? No sweat.

As a features reporter for the Wildcat, my job is to uncover exciting events that college students should go to. For the past year, I have been able to experience a city that is hip and truly caters to the college population and all its different sub-cultures. Since Tucson has so much character, I have also met some shady folks and, believe it or not, followed them to some sketchy proceedings. This time, my article is about what not to do in Tucson. Or rather, it is about events not recommended as being particularly artistic or cultural, but damaging and confusing to a receptive psyche. [Read article]



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