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Thursday, April 15, 2004

Attacks on campus greek system petty, unfounded

This letter is in response to John Lepore's letter to Elyse Fune that was featured in Tuesday's Wildcat. Look here John, waste none of your oh-so-precious time assuming my status in the greek community: I am a fraternity man and I say it proudly. I want to thank you. Your criticism inspired me, each pathetic condemnation and righteous call for individualism produced an ironic nostalgia - you sound just like I did one year ago. You've reminded me how far I've come. [Read article]

photo Gadfly in training: Mending the rift

Feuds are the stuff of legends. Take, for example, the warring houses of Montague and Capulet, or the Appalachian tribal wars between the Hatfields and the McCoys.

It's the unbridled fire and passion emerging from such quarrels that fuel our imagination - the raw, primal animosity that attracts us to such tales. In these blind hostilities, we are far removed from the rational, thinking world and delve headlong into the heady, reckless world of pure human emotion. [Read article]

Load of Belshe: Taxes, the IRS and me

Happy tax day, everyone! That's right, today is the last day to send in your federal income tax return without the Internal Revenue Service getting all pissy and charging you a bunch of late fees. Here's a fun little experiment for you. If you're in the Student Union Memorial Center, or any place on campus where people congregate, watch the door for someone to come in holding a newspaper. Then watch as they start to read it. I'm sure there's someone out there who's reading this line right now with a look of horror on his face and the phrase "Oh shit!" running through his mind. [Read article]

Brain decay: She was asking for it

Just sitting anywhere on campus long enough, one can view ample evidence of what is now popular female attire. If sitting low enough, one can also see more than anyone (mostly anyone female) would like to see hanging out of the back of those tiny skirts. It's true, most female clothes are now made shorter and tighter than they have ever been. Just compare the length of shorts in the teenage section versus women's. Many girls in junior high and high school deal with strict length requirements and complain that no store sells shorts with a 4-inch or longer inseam. [Read article]

View Points

Question: How do you feel about those students who are being locked out of classes in their minor fields of study because they are not majors?

"I think it sucks for those who can't get in, but if classes are getting full, then majors should have priority."

"I think it's really unfortunate because it limits how broad your education can be."

[Read article]

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