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Wednesday, April 21, 2004
photo Study: UA men cheat more in class

Male students at the UA cheat more than twice as often as female students, according to statistics compiled by the Dean of Students Office.

Of the more than 300 cases involving academic dishonesty at the UA, nearly 70 percent involved males and 30 percent involved females.

UA officials said they aren't sure why men cheat more often than women.

"I can't say whether male students are cheating more than female students," said Alexis Hernandez, associate dean of students. "These numbers showing that males are more likely to cheat have been fairly consistent over the years and in the same ballpark as they are now." [Read article]

Nader to speak on campus today

Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader will visit the UA today.

Nader, who ran in the last presidential election as a member of the Green Party, will be speaking today at 4 p.m. at the College of Law building.

Nader will give a lecture on international law and ballot access.

The UA Young Greens and Alliance for Peace and Justice in the Middle East worked quickly to put the event together after being contacted by Nader's campaign manager late Friday afternoon. [Read article]

photo Students protest animal testing at UMC labs

Fifteen animal rights activists who gathered in front of University Medical Center yesterday weren't monkeying around.

Members of the Animal Defense League of Arizona, Supporting and Promoting Ethics for the Animal Kingdom, and Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, protested in front of the hospital, calling for the release of Pepe, a monkey who has undergone years of experimentation at UMC. [Read article]

photo Club aims to build a biodorm at UA

A dorm built with soil and powered by solar energy: That's what students of a new campus club see in UA's future.

ECLIPSE is a new student club whose members want to convince UA officials to let them design, construct and manage a community where students can pursue sustainable living on campus.

"(The university) needs to present a new way of living and thinking about the environment," said Carmiel Banasky, a creative writing senior and club president. "We are heading towards an environmental crisis, and people don't realize this." [Read article]

Earth Day invades UA

Ballot initiatives, reptiles, demonstrations, a solar car and a traveling film festival are just some of the things packing the UA Mall today for UA Earth Day 2004.

Sponsored by UA Recycling and Waste Management and the Arizona Student Recycling Association, more than 40 organizations are participating in the annual event that aims to make students more environmentally conscious.

"Earth Day is important because we are all involved in the environment," said Alana Levine, program coordinator for Recycling and Waste Management. "It is better to be aware of what is going on. This event is proactive and hands-on, allowing people to get involved rather than people just saying ╬Hurray for the Earth!'" [Read article]

UA alum and astronaut back on campus after 6 months in space

Astronaut Don Pettit's feet might be in Tucson, but his head remains in the stars.

Pettit, a UA alumnus, will touch down on campus tonight to talk about his experiences aboard the International Space Station, where he spent nearly six months conducting experiments and helping assemble the station.

Pettit received his doctorate in chemical engineering from the UA in 1983 and said he has dreamed about becoming an astronaut since he was a child. [Read article]

UA comedy troupes say rift nothing but hot air

Campus comedians showed their more serious side last week after rumors among them sparked an offstage drama.

The drama began after Justin Thomas, a Comedy Corner member, fired accusations against Sarah Calvert, Associated Students of the University of Arizona special events coordinator and Charles Darwin Experience producer, when she secured a $6,100 bid from ASUA for the Second City Improv group to perform at the UA on May 4. [Read article]

On the spot

Photo 1 HerePhoto 2 HerePhoto 3 Here

In this edition of ╬On the Spot,' we're going to see how smart the UA student body really is!

Wildcat: What is the official language of Australia?

Munsell: English.

White: English.

Helin: English.

Answer: English. [Read article]

photo Fastfacts

Things you always never wanted to know

  • "Curare," the arrow poison used by South American Indians, was once essential to surgeons performing abdominal operations because it was the only drug that could be used as a muscle relaxant. The patient's muscles became much too stiff for safety during the operation, and curare was used to relax them.

  • Charles Darwin believed that the proposed first printing of his book "The Origin of Species" would be too large: 1,250 copies. The edition, however, was sold out the very first day of publication. [Read article]

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    Arizona Film Festival has record attendance

    The media arts department at the UA has had record participation from student, faculty and alumni in the annual Arizona International Film Festival going on now through Sunday according to a press release from the department. There are 21 UA students exhibiting their work or organizing the festival, along with 12 alumni.

    This year's AIFF drew entries from more than 20 foreign countries and includes several films produced by Hispanics. The festival was originally designed to bring independent films that would not be seen in most Arizona theaters, and showcase the work of independent artists. This year, more than 60 filmmakers will attend, and some 120 films will be shown. UA media artists are strongly represented. [Read article]

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