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Wednesday, May 12, 2004
Fully In Tact: The last word - no, seriously

Now I know that I've said "no, seriously" before and then proceeded to indulge in sarcastic hyperbole, but this time I mean it. This time, there will be no more columns for me, and no more UA. Yes, at last it's time for me to move on - and I've got the cardboard boxes, plane tickets and cap and gown to prove it.

And just as I'm going to throw all the clothes I can't possibly pack into a Salvation Army bin, I'm about to nostalgically toss a little bit of sentimentalism and a few obligatory words of wisdom your way. Feel free to sort through them; maybe you'll find something you like, or could use, or could pass off to a friend or relative as a lazy birthday present you'll pretend you bought new. [Read article]

Gadfly In Training: Caution: sappy last column ahead

Throughout the year, I've paid homage to two very essential things that I rely on to get me through the day, those things being caffeine and nicotine.

However, as important as these two things are, I failed to mention another important aspect of my life.

Perhaps it's because of the end of the school year and seeing friends graduate, but circumstances have got me feeling a little sentimental.

Though this might be a surprise for those out there who read my columns, I am capable of emotions other than just sarcasm and a basic discontent with just about everything in the world. I've grown quite soft in my old age and it's all I can do to stop myself from crying during the last episode of "Friends." [Read article]

Bleed American: Bigger, fatter and war mongering

Did you drive to Tucson to see a friend or relative graduate today? Chances are, when it came time to fill up the gas tank, your eyes bulged. Over $2 per gallon? Hey, I know it's not Xanadu, but come on!

Gas prices here, and around the rest of the nation, hit a record high last week as the price of crude oil hit $40 a barrel. At the same time, the average American car has rolled over the 2-ton barrier (in terms of weight), and the average fuel economy has dropped to 20.7 miles per gallon; we'll be needing more oil to power these gas-guzzlers. [Read article]

photo Issue of the Year: The events that changed our lives

A lot can happen in one year. From the pitiful football season to our No. 1 softball team. And that's only sports. There were UA issues with ASUA blunders and election code violations, and national ones with Democratic candidates and gay marriage. Each week, the opinions staff weighed in on an issue, and now, we take on a full year. There's a lot of news to cover and we only have so many words. Deal with it. [Read article]

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