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Tuesday September 30, 2003
photo Cats start rebuilding

11-member committee to play key role in search for new head football coach

A committee made up of university representatives, prominent Tucson businessmen and UA athletics department officials will play a major role in choosing a permanent replacement for departed head coach John Mackovic, Athletic Director Jim Livengood said yesterday.

Senior Associate Athletics Director of Sports Programs and Operations Kathleen "Rocky" LaRose has, along with Livengood, appointed 10 members from across the Tucson landscape to help with the nationwide search. [Read article]

Firing OK with students

Those students who shouted, "Fire Mackovic," at the football games had their wishes granted after Livengood announced former coach John Mackovic's dismissal at a press conference on Sunday.

But now that the deed has been done, students are saying that the team needs to get better before they begin to fill the stands again.

"It wouldn't change whether I go to the game. It doesn't seem like anyone's going now," said Tim Arbon, a studio art junior. "I think they were impatient, and I don't necessarily think it will solve the problems the team had on the field." [Read article]

Provost to divvy faculty salaries

For years, legislative budget cuts have forced administrators to give deans and department heads more control over available faculty salary money, but now administrators are thinking of taking that control back.

When faculty members leave, their salary money is sent to the deans of their respective colleges, who then let their department heads vie for the money before the dean decides into which department to sweep it. [Read article]

photo Student service week in full swing

Siddharth Panwar joined Project Volunteer last year to get the required service hours the UA mandated for scholarship recipients.

Yesterday, Panwar, who is now on the organization's executive board, spent his early afternoon on the UA Mall, trying to get other students to realize they can make a difference, too.

As part of Fall Service Week, Panwar and his fellow Project Volunteer members were [Read article]

Outage hits near campus

A power outage early yesterday morning affected 7,500 Tucson Electric Power customers north of the UA campus including some parts of the university medical complex.

The outage did not affect the University Medical Center itself, but other office areas in the complex briefly lost power, said George Humphrey, Arizona Health Sciences Center director of public affairs.

Humphrey said UMC has backup generators to use in case of a more serious outage. [Read article]

Estate benefits anthropology

Anthropology students at the UA will reap the benefits of a gift given to the department by an alumna who attended the university over 40 years ago.

Nancy Sullivan, a member of the class of 1962, passed away in 2001 from heart complications. In her will, Sullivan insisted that her entire estate, worth approximately $650,000, be given to the anthropology department.

Sullivan did not specify exactly how she wanted the anthropology department to use the funds, except to say that it must be used to directly benefit students. [Read article]

On the Spot

Freshman has cool air at home to keep cold so she can finish architecture drawings before choir

Wildcat: Hi. My name's Nathan and you're On the Spot.

Rivera: Hey.

Wildcat: So what are you doing just waiting here?

Rivera: Just waiting to get a ride because I just finished my drawing because I'm an architecture major. So I just finished it.

Wildcat: You seem to have this waiting stuff down. Your body language is like, "I'm not waiting here because I have to. I'm waiting here because I want to." [Read article]

Measuring Up

Pacific 10 Conference Women's vs. Men's Coaching Salaries (2001-2002)

Title IX does not require men's and women's coaching salaries to be equal. Many female collegiate coaches still receive salaries much lower than than those of male coaches.

School - Head Coaches'average salary (Percentage of total head coach salary budget that goes to female head coaches)

University of Arizona - $70,088 (29.02%) [Read article]

photo Fast Facts

· A crocodile weighing 120 pounds exerts a force of about 1,540 pounds between its jaws. A human being's jaws exert a force of only 40 to 80 pounds.

· A species of starfish known as Linckia columbiae can reproduce its entire body that is, grow back completely from a single severed piece less than a half-inch long.

· There is an organization in Berkeley, Calif., whose members gather monthly to discuss and honor the garlic plant. Called "The Lovers of the Stinky Rose," this unusual organization holds an annual garlic festival and publishes a newsletter known as Garlic Time. [Read article]

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