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Staff picks: Weekend football predictions

Shane Dale
assistant sports editor
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Thursday, November 13, 2003

Arizona vs. USC
If Arizona finds a way to win this one, fans will find a way to tear the goalposts down. Unfortunately - or fortunately, if you're a member of the athletic department - that won't be necessary. The Wildcats have been solid in their last three home games, being outscored by a combined one point against TCU, UCLA and Washington. They might keep it close for a while, but they'll lose by more than one Saturday.
USC 34, Arizona 14

Arizona State vs. Washington State
Wow. A month ago, who would have thought it would be more embarrassing to be a Sun Devils fan than a Wildcats fan? At least ASU was supposed to be good. The Devils have arguably been more atrocious on the road than Arizona. Even without Kegel, the Cougars shall make sport of the men from Tempe. And lo, the Pullman peasants shall rejoice. Or something.
Washington State 24, ASU 5

Purdue vs. Ohio State
Ohio State's as overrated as the Dallas Cowboys, but the Buckeyes are playing at home. And they seem to always do just enough to win (or not lose) each week. Purdue's coming off a rout of Iowa, which is no small task (just ask the Devils). The Boilermakers will go ahead early, but OSU will pull another one out of their Buckeye behinds.
Ohio State 30, Purdue 24

Auburn vs. Georgia
Despite Georgia being ranked in the top-10 and Auburn unranked altogether, both teams are 4-2 in the Southeastern Conference. Both teams are also a little bitter at the moment, after losing close ones the last time out. While Georgia still has the motivation of a realistic shot at a BCS bid, Auburn has the motivation of a team that some picked to go the Sugar Bowl in the preseason.
Auburn 13, Georgia 10

James Kelley
staff writer

Arizona vs. USC
What a difference a "W" makes. Regardless of what the UA does against USC and assuming that Wazzu beats ASU within an inch of its life like everyone assumes, the Wildcats will have had a better season than the Sun Devils with a Territorial Cup win in two weeks. The Trojans and their Sugar Bowl season will not bust on Saturday after seeing the Huskies leave Tucson with their tail between their legs.
USC 33, Arizona 24

Arizona State vs. Washington State
I don't really like it when people are typecast into particular parts, like Cuba Gooding Jr. as the ASU guy, or me as the anti-ASU guy, but I can't help it. I, like Cuba, reprise my role, saying A-State will get it handed to them. Likewise, Gooding, after playing a Sun Devil football player in Jerry Maguire, plays an ASU student in "Radio." The Cougs will make ASU fell "special," but not in a good way.
Washington State 45, ASU 10

Purdue vs. Ohio State
Despite the home field advantage, I can't pick the Buckeyes to get the win because they have been so unimpressive in their wins and they'll look ahead to Michigan. Behind Kyle Orton, Purdue will take a huge step to the Rose Bowl or wherever the BS sends the Big 11 champ. The Boilermakers steal a win in the Horseshoe like John Mackovic stole $900 thousnd over 4 years from the UA.
Purdue 21, Ohio State 20

Auburn vs. Georgia
Southern pigskin fans are passionate. The Wildcat has gotten like 50 e-mails about the UGA-UF game - but they were all the same. The same goes for their schools. Georgia, which stole the Packers' logo, faces one of, like, 30 Tiger teams in the South. It should be good game, though. These southern rivalries are tough, despite the fact that AU's Sugar hopes went up in smoke even faster than ASU's rose wilted.
Georgia 28, Auburn 17

Jason Poreda

Arizona vs. USC
Pete Carroll has the Trojans on the brink of a Sugar Bowl bid against powerhouse Oklahoma. It seems nothing can stand in the Trojans' way right now, blowing away the opposition with a high-caliber offence second to none. The men of Troy are poised to destroy the annoying fly that is Arizona, but as he did for my beloved Patriots, old Petey will find a way to screw it up. Get ready to party, Wildcats!
Arizona 27, USC 24

Arizona State vs. Washington State
This could have been a big game, had ASU lived up to the hype of earlier this season. Now it's a different story. Even with injured cougar quarterback Matt Kegel, the stumbling Sun Devils will be hard-pressed to get a win in Pullman this weekend. The Cougars win big, further demoralizing our rivals to the north and setting up a big post-turkey day win for the Wildcats.
WSU 35, ASU 10

Purdue vs. Ohio State
Got to go with the Boilermakers in the marquee game of the week. This game just reeks of an upset. Buckeye quarterback Craig Krenzel has been on and off injured all year, and their season has been hanging on by a thread as a result. Purdue has been strong all year and brings a hungry team into Columbus. Plus, my buddy Dave would kill me if I didn't pick the Black and Gold to win.
Purdue 17, Ohio State 10

Auburn vs. Georgia
This rivalry continues with a barnburner, despite what some may believe. The "up" Auburn will show up and give the Bulldogs all they can handle. That being said, the "down" part of Auburn's season will continue when it blows its chance to upset the No. 6 team in the land. The Tigers break their own hearts on a missed field goal or game-ending drive on the one as time runs out.
Georgia 24, Auburn 23

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