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Monday November 24, 2003

Depiction of Native Americans not trivial

Stereotypical imagery of Native Americans is a very large problem in our society. Many groups, Indian and non-Indian, have been struggling to eradicate such imagery in our media for numerous years, just as African- Americans have been successful at eradicating images of black face in our media. Dave Low's comic of the stereotypical Indians with feathers sticking out of their heads exemplifies this larger societal problem. Being that this month is National Native American Heritage Month, I felt compelled to express my desire to stop such imagery from entering into our media. The consequences of such imagery (which probably neither J. Thompson nor Dave Eggers are aware of) are the ignorant questions and racist comments that we as Native Americans receive in our everyday lives. J. Thompson and Dave Eggers may have the privilege to take stereotypical Native American imagery as a non-issue; however, myself and other Native Americans do not have that same privilege. The real "harmful activity" is when an act of racism occurs and no one does anything about it. [Read article]

photo So what are you doing on the first day of Thanksgiving break?

Ah, Thanksgiving: the true great American holiday. When else can we get together with family and friends, eat all day while watching football, and really get nothing accomplished other than losing our belts to squeeze in that last piece of apple pie?

My mouth is watering merely thinking of Turkey Day and all its glory. I, like so many UA students, love going home for this holiday, mostly because our only duties are to say "hi" to family we haven't seen in a long time and eat unlike other visits, when I find myself shoveling the driveway or mowing the lawn, immediately reintegrated into my loving family as if I never left. [Read article]

Commentary: A week to learn about, celebrate other cultures

The UA community will celebrate this week. Some will celebrate Thanksgiving, while others will celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr proof of the diversity of students at the university. Among these students is a very special group that comes from different corners of the world, adding to the culture of Arizona.

The entire nation celebrated International Education Week last week. The UA is home to 2900 students from 114 countries outside the United States. Although we have the sixth-largest international student population in the country, there has been a 1.8 percent decrease in foreign students during the last year. This decrease has resulted from visa restrictions, tuition hikes and a lack of social acceptance. [Read article]

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