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Michael Bell steps it up, gets Athlete of the Week honors

David Harden/Arizona Daily Wildcat
UA running back Michael Bell, who rushed for 119 yards and a touchdown on 13 carries against UTEP on Saturday, is the recipient of the year's first Athlete of the Week award. Bell may be called on to carry an even larger load this Saturday against LSU.
By Shane Bacon
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Wednesday September 3, 2003

After Clarence Farmer went down this weekend against UTEP with a shoulder injury, Michael Bell knew he had to step it up. He did, and in a big way, with 119 yards on just 13 carries one for 52 yards. The sophomore running back earned the first Athlete of the Week honors this year after Arizona beat the Miners, 42-7.

Wildcat: This past weekend, did you guys play that good or was UTEP that bad?

Bell: I think we played really well. UTEP was a good team, but I just think we played really good.

Wildcat: OK, that's a good way to dodge a tough question.

Bell: (laughter) Yeah.

Wildcat: Why did you change your number to 11, my lucky number?

Bell: Because I was number 11 in high school and wanted to be it again.

Wildcat: How would you rate last week's game against UTEP?

Bell: I rate it a 7. The offense allowed a touchdown.

Wildcat: Since Farmer could be out on Saturday, how do you feel about handling the load?

Bell: I don't know what the coaches have planned. I know that they'll come up with a plan that will work. I don't know what they'll do, but I'm ready to take the load if that's what they want.

Wildcat: Would you rather be a Playboy All-American, with an all-expense paid trip to the Playboy Mansion, or have Arizona get to a bowl game this year?

Bell: Always the Wildcats make a bowl game.

DAVID HARDEN/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Wildcat: Yeah, but the mansion wouldn't be bad, would it?

Bell: It wouldn't be bad, but it's no good if I play well and the team doesn't win games.

Wildcat: Who would win in a fight, Nic Costa or Ryan O'Hara?

Bell: I think it would be a tie. It would definitely be a tie.

Wildcat: What are your personal expectations for this year?

Bell: I personally want to help take our team to a bowl game and be considered one of the best running backs in the Pac-10.

Wildcat: Do you think the Wildcats have a chance of making a bowl game?

Bell: Yeah, we're off to a great start and have a good chance.

Wildcat: By the time you're a senior, do you think this team has a chance of winning the Pac-10?

Bell: Yes, we're getting better and better and are only going to improve as a team.

Wildcat: Impressed with the fan turnout?

Bell: I was really impressed with the turnout of the first game, but I was shocked that people started to leave so fast.

Wildcat: Sure, but it was a blowout. You were killing UTEP.

Wildcat: Who gets the most girls on the team?

Bell: (laughter) Me.

Wildcat: You do?

Bell: For sure, for sure.

Wildcat: OK, word association.

Wildcat: End Zone?

Bell: Mike Bell.

Wildcat: Women?

Bell: Mike Bell wait, can I take that back? Halle Berry.

Wildcat: Kobe Bryant?

Bell: Ohhhhhhhh. (laughter)

Wildcat: Screwed?

Bell: Um, feel sorry for him?

Wildcat: LSU?

Bell: Gotta be beaten.

Wildcat: Number 11?

Bell: Best number in the nation.

Wildcat: What's the one thing the Wildcats have to bring to beat LSU?

Bell: We're going to have to play as a team and eliminate mistakes.

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