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Police Beat

By Holly Wells
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Tuesday, February 3, 2004
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Three minors and one man were caught launching oranges at customers on the balcony of Gentle Ben's Friday afternoon, reports stated.

The three minors and the man admitted to launching oranges from Tyndall Garage, 880 E. Fourth St.

The manager wanted to press charges and all of them were cited. The three minors were released to their parents, reports stated.

A student was given a minor in possession in the lobby of UAPD headquarters, 1340 E. Second Ave, while trying to get his friend out of jail Saturday night, reports stated.

The student's friend had been arrested for damaging a van and for being a minor in possession.

The friend had denied damaging the van, but the tread marks on his shoe were on the hood of the van. He was booked into Pima County Jail, reports stated.

The student went into UAPD and wanted to know why his friend was arrested. He said, "I'm here to bail him out."

Police told him that his friend was still being transported. The student refused to leave.

Police noticed he had slurred speech and watery eyes, reports stated. The student was cited for being a minor in possession and then released.

The student returned to UAPD once again and was told that he should wait for his friend to call him, reports stated.

A man was given a DUI after driving the wrong way on North First Avenue and having a cracked windshield late Friday night, reports stated.

When police asked the man to get out of the car, he started running.

The passenger of the car told police that the man had said, "I'm drunk and have a warrant; I'm outta here," reports stated.

There was a box with six full cans of beer in the car. There was also an open beer on the driver-side floorboard.

Police caught the man on the corner of East Speedway Boulevard and North Mountain Avenue, reports stated.

The man said, "I'm sorry for running. It was a stupid thing to do."

The man had slurred speech and told police, " I have some pot in my pocket."

Police found a green leafy substance in his front right pocket, reports stated.

The man was cited for being a minor in possession, having marijuana and driving under the influence.

A student was found passed out between two cars near 1414 E. First St. early Friday morning, reports stated.

When police arrived, they asked the student if he needed medical attention and he said no. The student had red watery eyes and smelled like alcohol. He was also slurring his speech, reports stated.

Police discovered that the man had three IDs; two of them were fake. When police asked the man why he had two fake IDs, he said, "So I can buy beer," reports stated.

The man was arrested for underage drinking and for having fake IDs.

The two fake IDs were placed into evidence, reports stated.

A man was arrested for exposing himself to two female students at Coronado Residence Hall, 822 E. Fifth St, reports stated. The man was following the two females in his car. The two females went to ask the man if he was lost. They discovered that he was naked from the pants down, reports stated.

Police discovered a bottle of Bacardi rum in the man's car.

The two females wanted to press charges and the man was booked into Pima County Jail for disorderly conduct, reports stated.

An underage man was arrested at 620 E. Harvill Drive for buying a keg of Bud Light late Friday night, reports stated.

Police saw a man enter an apartment through a balcony and then, with the help of two others, carry a keg inside.

Police entered the apartment and asked who had been on the balcony. A man said, "That was me; I forgot my keys,"

Police saw a keg out on the balcony. Police asked whose it was and the man said, "It's mine. I paid $100 for the keg and tap," reports stated. The man gave police a fake ID when they asked if he was 21. Police asked if anyone had drunk from the keg. The man said, "No, I just tapped it."

The man was arrested for being a minor in possession and for having a fake ID, reports stated.

The keg, which was still full, was returned to the place where it had been bought.

Police found a gun in a man's car early Saturday morning at 945 N. Palm Road, reports stated.

Police asked three men who had suspicious behavior if they could search their car and the men said yes.

Police discovered a handgun under the driver's seat and an open case of Budweiser beer in the back seat, reports stated.

The driver admitted to having marijuana. Police found a bag containing a green leafy substance in his right rear pocket.

The driver was cited for having a concealed weapon, marijuana and being a minor in possession.

One of the passengers was also cited for being a minor in possession, reports stated.

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