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Wednesday, June 9, 2004
photo Harry Potter movie mania

There are only a few (three) absolute truths in this world: girls just want to have fun, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush and the book is better than the movie.

When the movie comes close to capturing the power of the book, it's truly magical. The first two Harry Potter movies were about as magical as Euro Disney. Sure, they were harmless fun, but the films never portrayed the imagination or the edge of author J.K. Rowling's world. [Read article]

The Fabric of America

I've discovered it the wonderful world of cotton. America has a national anthem that ascends to notes no one can hit. We have a national bird that people on the west coast have only seen in zoos. We even have our own impressive national debt.

However, America does not have a national fabric. There's really only one qualified candidate for the slot cotton but you wouldn't know that if you looked up the U.S. in an encyclopedia. So why have we neglected cotton? [Read article]

photo Low Skies will lift you up

If songs about murder, the casual use of guns and bad relationships get you all fired up, you're about as messed up as Low Skies.

Low Skies, a Chicago-based band that just released its second album, "The Bed," will be performing at Plush on Thursday.

"Music, for all of us, has always been that place where we can go and space out," said lead singer and guitarist Christopher Salveter. "I think we all just really enjoy music and enjoy playing it." [Read article]

photo Featured CD Review

The Streets: A Grand Don't Come For Free

White British rapper Mike Skinner, aka The Streets, isn't very good. At least not technically speaking.

He's slow, not the least bit ferocious, and doesn't have a grip of bitches and hos following him around on every track to let him know he's phat.

And yet, he's awesome. An appealing everyman who raps about day-to-day life (bad cell phone reception is a recurring theme), Skinner uses his lethargic delivery and unique rhymes in this concept album to tell the story of looking for a lost 1,000 pounds. [Read article]

photo More CD Reviews!

Midtown: Forget What You Know

Sounds Like: Music played at a party in a teen movie.

See Also: Jimmy Eat World, Savest the Day, New Found Glory

The new album "Forget What You Know" by Midtown is quite good. "Forget What You Know" has an eclectic smoky-indie-club-with-orange-and-blue-stage-lights feel to it.

With this album, Midtown tackles religion, politics and of course, love and sex. In the song "Empty Like the Ocean" the lead singer actually told me that he "doesn't want to fuck" me. I respect that kind of honesty. So many indie rockers just string me along. [Read article]

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