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Friday, March 11, 2005
photo Regents: 9.8 percent tuition hike

Regents nix Likins', students' proposals,

The Arizona Board of Regents raised tuition 9.8 percent for resident undergraduates yesterday, rejecting both student and administrative tuition proposals and instead approved an unexpected proposal released this week.

In a last-minute move, Regents Fred Boice and Bob Bulla drafted their own tuition proposal, which they said was intended to be a compromise between what students and university presidents recommended. [Read article]

photo Anti-abortion groups bring graphic images to UA campus

A large sign 20 feet south of Main Gate Square warned drivers and pedestrians that visually graphic signs were just ahead.

On the other side of North Park Avenue and East University Boulevard students saw a dozen large posters showing bloody dismembered fetuses lining the walkway.

Sunny Turner, founder of an anti-abortion action group called Face the Truth Arizona, said her group is using the graphic images to educate students about abortion. [Read article]

Journalism students to be assessed new fees

Starting this summer, students studying journalism will have to dig a little deeper to pay for their classes.

The department of journalism will be attaching course fees, ranging from $27 to $50, to 10 of its classes. The classes were identified by the department as classes that primarily use the expensive hardware and software through the department.

Jacqueline Sharkey, head of the department of journalism, said the department waited as long as it could before adding fees to the classes. [Read article]

Regents raise dorm rent campus-wide

Residence hall rates will jump 7 percent

Residence hall rates will increase an average of 7 percent next year, but students living at La Aldea can expect rent to remain the same and will get additional perks.

The Arizona Board of Regents approved the hike in residence hall rates yesterday to fund increased operational costs, repairs and deferred maintenance.

However, the rent at La Aldea graduate housing, an apartment complex the UA acquired this semester, will remain the same at $460 each for a four-bedroom, four bathroom apartment. [Read article]

photo Dorm dwellers OK on campus over break

While a majority of students will be leaving their residence halls to go on vacation or go home over spring break, some students and resident assistants are staying on campus.

Some students and RAs, however, did not have the means or did not want to go home over spring break and have decided to stay in their hall.

Adam Grochowski, an RA in Graham-Greenlee Residence Hall, 610 N. Highland Ave., said he is staying in his residence hall "so it stays in one piece." [Read article]

photo Japanese students learn U.S. customs while studying at UA

Seventeen students from Tokyo have spent five weeks as Wildcats through an international seminar program studying English and will bid farewell to Tucson at the end of spring break.

The students arrived in early February for the Center for English as a Second Language's 14th annual Tokyo International University Spring Seminar.

This year 17 students came from TIU to study English at the UA. In the past there have been as many as 35 students, but the number has since declined due to difficulty in obtaining visas, said Jim Epstein, CESL Teen English Program coordinator. [Read article]

Word Up

"Anyone who wants to can call. There's no reason for us to be stingy and keep it."
- Brittany Barreth, Polar Ice employee, on snow being provided gratis. Approximately 200 pounds of snow were dropped on the front lawn of Manzanita-Mohave last Saturday

"Generally, our process is entirely legal and non-invasive."
- Jenni Engebretsen, Recording Industry Association of America spokeswoman, on how the RIAA investigates copyright infringement cases. UA student Parvin Dhaliwal was sentenced to three months deferred imprisonment, three years probation, 200 hours of community service and a $5,400 fine for possession of pirated movies and music on his computer [Read article]

photo Fast facts

  • Information travels along nerves at speeds up to 268 mph.

  • The three most common fears in order are snakes, heights and flying.

  • The ancient Vikings navigated by depending on the instincts of birds. They took on board a number of ravens and released them one by one as they sailed to the west. If the raven flew back, the Vikings continued due west. But when a raven flew a different way, the ships would change course and follow its flight path to search for new lands. [Read article]

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