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Thursday, March 24, 2005
Admin to cut budget in 2006

The UA will see a half-percent budget cut next fiscal year along with eight other budget reallocation methods, which will bring in $6 million to central administration, administrators announced yesterday.

The decision comes after months of deliberation among administrators, who said the university must reassess the way it manages money during a time of decreased state funding.

According to a financial bulletin released by President Peter Likins, Provost George Davis and Joel Valdez, senior vice president of business affairs, general funds have fallen by $47 million in the past two years. [Read article]

photo ASUA, Marshall Foundation look at alternate meal plans

The Associated Students of the University of Arizona are working with the Marshall Foundation, which owns most of the restaurants on East University Boulevard, to develop an alternative to a mandatory meal plan.

Dan Adams, director of the Student Union Memorial Center, said he is working to create and finalize a proposal that would require freshmen living on campus to purchase several meals each week from the unions. [Read article]

photo Mall evangelist touts reasoning of religion

Religion was again the topic of discussion on the UA Mall yesterday when about 100 students gathered around a Christian apologist who was reasoning how Jesus was the son of God.

Cliffe Knechtle, campus evangelist, has been involved in campus outreach ministry for the last 29 years and said he has been invited to the UA every spring for the past 19 years.

He began yesterday's discussion with a dialogue: [Read article]

photo SETA hosts presentation by local activist

In cooperation with the campus activist group Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, nationally recognized animal rights activist Rod Coronado spoke last night about taking direct action to ensure animal safety.

About 80 students, news organizations and community members attended the forum in the James E. Rogers College of Law, which focused on animal rights, direct action and individual involvement. [Read article]

Students aim to raise over $14,000 for hungry

Most UA students sail through days filled with classes, clubs and friends, often stopping in the student union or on University Boulevard for a bite to eat, but for thousands of men, women and children around Tucson, that bite to eat can be hard to come by.

According to the 2000 Census, more than 129,000 people in Pima County, including more than 39,000 children, live below the poverty level, many of them suffering the effects of hunger on a daily basis. [Read article]

photo Fast Facts

  • On average, humans lose one neocortical neuron each second, or approximately 85,000 each day. That's 31 million each year.

  • The yolk of a bird's egg is connected to the shell by albumen "ropes." During incubation, these ropes break and the mother bird must rotate her eggs to keep the yolks in the center while the chicks are forming.

  • The skin corrugations that dolphins develop while accelerating and while swimming at their maximum speed are thought to make it possible for them, by reducing water resistance, to sustain speeds that are about 10 times more than they "should" achieve with their muscle power. [Read article]

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