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Able intern coordinates senior exhibit

CLAIRE C. LAURENCE/Arizona Daily Wildcat
Senior Exhibition 2005 - Studio art junior Loryelle Townsend discusses one of the student-produced sculptures in the Union Gallery on Tuesday. Townsend served as a facilitator for the gallery as part of a university-run internship.
By Laura Wilson
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Thursday, March 24, 2005
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Most student internships require extensive knowledge of the intricacies of coffee makers and copy machines, and the ability to perform amazing feats of alphabetization and follow orders. Unlike most interns, studio art junior Loryelle Townsend not only executes orders, but she gets to call the shots herself.

"I already worked as a gallery assistant, so my decision to work for class credit was based upon the opportunity I would have for gaining more experience and responsibility," explained Townsend. "The internship included current responsibilities I was already used to fulfilling, as well as coordinating an exhibition from beginning to end."

Under the supervision of Student Union Gallery curator Christina Lieberman, Townsend has coordinated the BA/BFA Senior Exhibition 2005. Beginning with the selection of the art, and ending with the installation of the exhibition at the gallery, Townsend has overseen it all.

All seniors working on a bachelor of arts or fine arts were welcome to apply to exhibit their works.

"A couple weeks before the show actually went up, we sent out applications for any senior in the School of Art to apply. What the students entered in the show was completely up to them," said Townsend. "(For example,) if they are a painting major, they usually select a painting that best represents the work they've been doing in their undergraduate years."

Art education senior Kaelyn Loes is thankful for the chance to show her mixed-media piece "Three Wrestling Boys."

"(The exhibition) helps students who take advantage of it," said Loes. "It's not juried like other exhibits."

Although this is the fourth time Loes has had her work exhibited around town this year, she added that the Union Gallery show is different, in that "it just teaches students the ins and outs of working with galleries. You have to learn logistics, like how to hang something."

For some students, who aren't as experienced as Loes, the exhibition can be a bit nerve-wracking.

Illustration major Lucinda Del Rincon works at the Union Gallery, but is anxious to show her painting "Mujer Misteriosa" during the exhibition.

"I'd say that I'm more nervous than excited, because most of the people who will see it are peers," said Del Rincon. "It's good to hear criticism. It's about getting experience to show artwork."

While many of the participating seniors are extremely attached to the works that they are showing, some have already affixed price tags to their pieces, with hopes of earning next month's rent. If the piece is sold at the gallery, the money will go directly to the student.

"It's pretty much up to the artist how attached they are to their own work," explained Townsend, in reference to whether or not a piece is for sale.

Some students, like Loes, were not aware that the exhibition would be a place where they could sell their works.

"The show isn't buyer-oriented, it's looker-oriented," said Loes, adding quickly "(but) if somebody's buying, I'm selling."

The BA/BFA Senior Exhibition 2005 is now being shown in the Union Gallery on the third floor of the Student Union Memorial Center and will run until April 7. There will be an opening reception this evening from 5 to 7. For more information, call (520) 621-6142.

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