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Tuesday, March 29, 2005
Bookmark to remind of survey

Next month, students will fill out course evaluations just like every semester, but this time they will get take-home red bookmarks to remind them why they are taking the surveys.

The Associated Students of the University of Arizona printed 125,000 bookmarks to be distributed with the Teacher-Course Evaluations so more students will know the results are posted online, said Emily Upstill, ASUA director of academic affairs. [Read article]

Project to determine student attitudes toward diversity

A two-month preliminary study in part of a four-year analysis of modern-day students will offer the UA community a glimpse into student attitudes and feelings toward diversity.

The Department of Multicultural Programs and Services, in conjunction with the Dean of Students Office, is sponsoring the "Millennial Project," a study and assessment of undergraduate students' thoughts and feelings about diversity. [Read article]

photo UMC professor of surgery sponsors poetry scholarships

Continuing the tradition of honoring a family's passion for poetry, 15 students were named Hearst Poets for original lyrical and populist poetry pieces.

Chosen from more than 50 applicants, 10 UA undergraduate students and five students from Pima Community College were recognized during a reception held Thursday at the Arizona Health Sciences Center.

In its 13th year, the Frederica and John Hearst Prizes for the Undergraduate Poetry Contest are sponsored by Dr. Marlys Hearst Witte, professor of surgery at the University Medical Center and daughter of the late poets Frederica and John Hearst. [Read article]

photo Student-athletes nominated for ASUA award

"Tell them ... tell the team to bear down."

This was the final message of John "Button" Salmon to his teammates before he died in 1926.

The Associated Students of the University of Arizona created the John "Button" Salmon Award this year to honor student-athletes for their hard work in remembrance of Salmon. Arizona coaches had the chance to nominate one NCAA student-athlete from their sport yesterday for the award. [Read article]

Two men cause disturbance in class with beer

Two men interrupted a class Thursday, drank beer and kicked the empty cans into the audience, but students said the incident was more humorous than threatening.

Suzanne Delaney, a psychology adjunct lecturer, contacted the University of Arizona Police Department to document the incident in her psychology course Structure of Mind and Behavior, reports stated.

Delaney told police the men did not belong to the class but entered the room in the auditorium of the Social Sciences building, 1145 E. South Campus Drive, around 3:42 p.m. each drinking a beer, reports stated. [Read article]

Bernsen adds new position to cabinet

At Wednesday's ASUA Senate meeting, the senate agreed to add a new position to Cade Bernsen's cabinet, by his request.

The senate voted 9-1 in favor of changing the bylaw that details the position of chief of staff as the single leader of the president's cabinet and added the cabinet coordinator position.

The chief of staff directly oversees the 14 cabinet members in the president's cabinet, and acts as the "eyes and ears" of the president when he is not in the office, said Associated Students of the University of Arizona President Alistair Chapman. [Read article]

Gender ball cancelled due to low interest

The Gender Bender Ball scheduled for Friday night was cancelled last week due to lack of student interest.

Members of the Associated Students of the University of Arizona Pride Alliance executive board held an emergency meeting Friday to vote on the cancellation of the second annual Gender Bender Ball.

Planned to be a semi-formal dinner with performing and musical entertainment, the event was cancelled because organizers felt there was little community response. [Read article]


It's back and better than ever!

Wildcat: My name is Kylee and you're on the spot. So tell me, when's the last time you choked on something?

Canton: I can't remember.

Wildcat: Well, did you happen to catch the Wildcats' basketball game this weekend?

Canton: Yep.

Wildcat: Are you all choked up about it?

Canton: I wouldn't say choked up. I'm a little butt-hurt about it. [Read article]

photo Fast facts

Things you always never wanted to know

  • The streets of London were lit by gaslights instead of torches for the first time in 1807. Coal gas was used for this purpose.

  • The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service restocks lakes by cascading newborn trout from an aircraft skimming the water at low speed.

  • The blue whale, subsisting on its blubber, can go up to half a year without eating. [Read article]

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