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Arizona Daily Wildcat
September 2, 2005
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Democrats shouldn't resort to gimmicks

Political pundits say, "Democrats have no ideas." Months and months of this go by until our own pundit on campus, Matt Stone ("Dems' problem? No ideas"), also and not surprisingly declares, "Democrats have no ideas."

Then the example of Newt Gingrich's victory in 1994 is thrown in there for good measure as an example of what the Democrats should imitate. I've heard this point regurgitated enough. Gimmicks or catch phrases like Newt's "Contract with America" or the promise to balance the budget continue to have no weight years after the fact.

Sure the labor movement is dying; that's because the wealthy elite is becoming more powerful. Obvious solution? Curtail the advancing power of corporate interest. Social Security is subjectively in trouble. Obvious solution? Repeal Bush's tax cuts and make the tax system less regressive. And no, free trade is a free ride for those with money. Isn't this what they stand for?

The column then goes on to cite a lack of leadership in the opposition party. It's easy to confuse stubborn denial of the public's wishes as leadership. Taking this reasoning further, we conclude that because the Democrats aren't stubbornly against the will of the people, they lack leadership?

Leadership is not an attribute we should look for in our government officials. This is supposed to be a democracy. They are the ones kept on the short leash. They are the ones that have to answer to the leadership of the citizenry at-large. If our administrators in government aren't subservient to popular demands then they formulate a self-supporting agenda. Sound familiar?

If the pundits are asking the Democrats to succumb to gimmicks, tricks and catch phrases disguised as "ideas," then they need to be doing a little bit of soul-searching themselves. Maybe then they'll also realize the Democrats have ideas. Their ideas are to preserve what's left of this country before it's financially and socially bankrupt.

Charles Hertenstein IV
economics sophomore

UA students should keep victims of Katrina in mind

Before reading yesterday's articles on the havoc Katrina caused in Louisiana, I was going to use my free time between work and class to go shopping for some much "needed" new clothes. Then I realized how selfish I would be if I did not try to instead help with the relief fund. So, grudgingly at first, I spent a half hour at Target and bought about $100 worth of diapers, hygiene products and nutrition bars for the desperate and dying in the South.

I write this letter because I know that many of us feel it's not our "problem" or responsibility because we're just "struggling" college students in Tucson, so far away from this national crisis. However, if everyone on campus gives his time and money for just one item, think of how many people that is going to aid. So, if you are planning to go to the mall and buy that great dress, new DVD or fabulous shoes, please think about the people that have lost everything and give them a little hope.

Lisa Jablonski
elementary education junior

Discussion of illegal immigrants unnecessary

I'm always amazed that there is a need for discussion on illegal immigrants entering our country ("Students hear local activists on border policy"). We all know that there are laws to prevent this, as well as laws against aiding and abetting these people. Anti-American activists see nothing wrong in breaking laws. They come from countries where this is a way of life - violence, bribery and a completely lawless environment.

The United States is supposed to be a nation of laws; however, from the business owners who hire them to the government who closes its eyes, we too have aiders and abetters. When we have someone who will put the wishes of American citizens first, we will then halt the destruction of this once-proud nation.

June Venable
freelance writer

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