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Wednesday, September 21, 2005
photo A charitable 'war'

Greek tourney combines competition, compassion

The greek community has joined forces again this week to raise money for a fraternity's national philanthropy during a weeklong tournament of competitions and fundraisers.

Pi Kappa Phi is hosting their second annual "War of the Roses" event to raise money for their national philanthropy, People Understanding the Severely Handicapped America, said Pi Kappa Phi's philanthropy chair Garner Bass. [Read article]

$5,000 in equipment taken from Gallagher

Police are investigating the theft of an Arizona state flag and more than $5,000 in missing equipment from Gallagher Theater last week.

The items were stolen last Wednesday from the theater in the Student Union Memorial Center sometime between 8:45 p.m. and 11:30 p.m., said Cmdr. Kevin Haywood of the University of Arizona Police Department.

The stolen equipment included a laptop, a video projection unit, two handheld microphones and a wireless portable microphone, said Bill Shiba, senior associate director for the Arizona Student Unions. [Read article]

Senate has spent quarter of budget

Student government senators have spent nearly a quarter of their operating budget in the first month of school, funds that are allocated for the entire year, student officials said.

Following the approval of $1,200 to send Associated Students of the University of Arizona senators to a leadership conference, the senate will have spent $1,848 of the $8,634 operating budget, according to figures provided by ASUA Treasurer Keven Barker. [Read article]

UA professor clashes with skeptics

A UA professor found himself in the hot seat over the weekend during a discussion about science and religion, a topic that spurred debate between audience members and eventually cut the talk short, officials said.

Richard Poss, associate professor of astronomy, lectured to 50 members of a local grass-roots group of rationalists, skeptics and humanists at the main branch of the Tucson-Pima Public Library on Sunday. [Read article]

photo Study: Bee-havior often imitated

Just like people are influenced on where to eat and where to shop based on what other people are doing, bumblebees follow a similar pattern when it comes to deciding which flowers to forage, researchers said.

Results released last month from a 2004 study show that a bumblebee will watch other bumblebees and imitate them to find what flowers are most popular and best to forage on.

The experiment is similar to one Charles Darwin used to perform in his garden, said Brad Worden, a postdoctoral research associate and behavioral ecologist. [Read article]

photo Mraz to rock Centennial Hall

Pop rock sensation Jason Mraz will rock Centennial Hall today in part of his ongoing mission to remain a student in the eyes of his fans and critics.

As echoed in the album art of his latest album, Mr. A-Z, Mraz said he has made school and education a personal theme.

"I'm just a student at all of this. I'm not trying to teach anyone," Mraz said. "In an educational system all students are supposed to be equal. I'm just trying to be an equal." [Read article]

photo UA student is Rubik's Cube extraordinaire

A UA student is twisting his love of math into a worldwide competition.

Brent Morgan, a mechanical engineering freshman, will be competing in the Rubik's World Championship next month after picking up the hobby and realizing his knack for it.

Morgan said he started fiddling with the cube three years ago after looking online to see what mathematical algorithms were involved with solving the puzzle. [Read article]

Quick Hits

ArizonaCares collecting victim supplies

Members of ArizonaCares will be collecting supplies for hurricane relief efforts today on the UA Mall.

The organization will be collecting cash or checks, hygiene supplies, basic first aid supplies, emergency supplies such as blankets and pillows, and school supplies for Hurricane Katrina victims.

The drop-off location for supplies will be on the UA Mall in front of the Student Union Memorial Center. [Read article]

Campus Briefs

Landscape Architecture School offers to aid Katrina victims

A number of storm-battered communities along the Gulf Coast may soon be able to get rebuilding help from the nation's collegiate landscape architecture programs.

Ron Stoltz, director of UA Landscape Architecture, is spearheading the effort through the American Society of Landscape Architects. Stoltz said he'd like to see his and other schools "adopt" communities to help rebuild their public spaces decimated by Hurricane Katrina. [Read article]

Fast Facts

  • On average, humans lose one neocortical neuron each second, or about 85,000 each day. That's 31 million brain cells each year.

  • In 1840, poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow became the first American to have plumbing installed in his home.

  • A frog has to close its eyes in order to swallow.

  • Abraham Lincoln was carrying Confederate money when he was assassinated.

  • The odds against a flipped coin coming up with the same side 10 times in a row are 1,023 -1. [Read article]

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