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Wednesday, October 12, 2005
photo UA needs $58M for building repair

Students can expect more tuition hikes if the state Legislature doesn't fund a large portion of the $58 million needed for building repairs next year.

The Arizona Board of Regents approved the UA's request last week for $38 million for building renewal from the 2007 fiscal year state-operating budget.

But if the UA doesn't receive these funds, the university will be forced to take out 15- to 20-year bonds, said Greg Fahey, assistant vice president of UA Government Relations. [Read article]

Tuition cuts available to all partners

To increase competition for faculty and promote a comfortable learning environment, the UA now offers a domestic partner tuition program available to same-sex domestic partners and their dependents.

The UA is the first and only Arizona school to offer the new Domestic Partner Tuition Program, which provides tuition reductions for qualified faculty and their domestic partners.

"It's not just a question of doing the right thing for our employees, it's also a question of being competitive," said President Peter Likins. [Read article]

photo Comedian Hofstetter gives benefit show in ILC

For most people, racism is a touchy subject, but for comedian Steve Hofstetter it's a source of humor.

Hofstetter listed "racist" products like Cracker Jack, Cheese Nips and the Whopper for a crowd of 60 at last night's comedy show in the Manuel T. Pacheco Integrated Learning Center.

Hofstetter's set ran the gamut of topics from the Federal Communications Commission to Alanis Morrisette, as well as running into traditionally taboo areas like religion and politics. [Read article]

photo Professor profile: 'Repairing the world' through acceptance

When he started college, he said he was intent on becoming a minister.

But somewhere between Bible study and Brandeis University, he altered his career plans.

"One of my professors said to me, 'I know you want to be a minister, but the church would be better off if you did something else,'" said Ed Wright, a professor of Hebrew Bible and Early Judaism in the Arizona Center for Judaic Studies at the UA. [Read article]

photo Science & Technology: Students should expect colder classrooms

State funding for energy has failed to increase as the UA continues to grow, prompting the university to find creative ways to keep the cost of powering the campus low.

"The state lets us grow but they don't provide more money for energy costs," said Joel Valdez, senior vice president of business affairs.

The UA has been spending money it doesn't have on energy, so in order to avoid further debt, the UA has implemented new ways to conserve energy, Valdez said. [Read article]

Quick Hits

UA Student Sight Savers offer free glaucoma screenings today

Anyone can get a free glaucoma screening today from UA medical students or volunteer ophthalmologists between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m.

Glaucoma is the second-leading cause of blindness in the U.S. and leading cause of preventable blindness. The disease has no symptoms, which is why getting tested regularly is the best way to prevent glaucoma-related sight problems, said Jean Spinelli, University Physicians Healthcare Hospital spokeswoman. [Read article]


Things you've always never wanted to know

  • Grandfather clocks with metal pendulums lose time in warm weather. The solid expands, making the pendulum bigger and thus slower-moving.

  • Stevie Wonder was 11 when he signed his contract with Motown.

  • Rita Moreno was the first performer to win an Oscar, Grammy, Emmy and Tony award.

  • Stone Street in New York was the first paved street in the U.S. It was paved so beer wagons could get to and from the breweries. [Read article]

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