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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Nursing responds to shortage


College hopes to double caregiver enrollment by 2007

Amid a statewide nursing shortage, the College of Nursing hopes to relieve part of the crisis by doubling its student enrollment by 2007.

"The shortage exists, it exponentially goes up," said Judith Brown, director of Development and Community affairs at the College of Nursing. "It is already at a point where patient care is not at the level that hospitals would like to be providing." [Read article]

· Grads want pres to share priorities
· 'Dynamite' show ticket sales slow
· Eating disorder research lacks funding
· Campus briefs
· Quick Hits
· Fast Facts

BASKETBALL'S BAGGA: Walk-on learning at courtside


David Bagga, a 6-foot-4, 175-pound athlete from Foothill Ranch, Calif., is a freshman walk-on this season for the Arizona men's basketball team.

Bagga, who is expected to contribute at the shooting guard and small forward positions, attended Mater Dei High School, which went 31-4 his senior season.

He will share his thoughts and experiences with the team in a biweekly feature for the Arizona Daily Wildcat.

"I want to give the students an inside look at our practices, our games, and our lives and let the students get to know us better," Bagga said. [Read article]

· Football Notes: 'D' hopes to limit Ducks' spread 'O'
· Commentary: Sophomore outfielder pulling for dad's Sox
· Walk-on wonders: 'Everyone's equal We're all teammates'
· On the air

What've norms got to do with it?


Mark Twain usually gets credit for the quote "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics," even though it was probably Benjamin Disraeli who first said it. But I've said it a bunch of times after both of them, and I'd like some credit too.

Not only was it a cleverly respectable way to say "damn" in class in high school, but it's also a fairly profound observation. Statistics are some of the wiliest things going, and the UA is hoping that we'll base our behaviors on some that they've posted for us. [Read article]

· TV embodies affirmative action
· More should accept PBK invites
· Editorial: Paltry student turnout at forum deplorable
· Mailbag

Latest Issue: October 20, 2005


It was perhaps just a few inches of skin, the area encompassing the buttocks and hips. The surface area wasn't that much when you think about it, but it was just enough, effectively trapping two individuals within the same body.

That was the disfiguration that brought conjoined twin sisters Daisy and Violet Hilton to the stages of Vaudeville before adoring audiences during the Depression. [Read article]

Tucson and campus calendar  
Scatter shot
'Dynamite' star brings the funny
Almost Free Fridays has something for everyone at Main Gate Square
Mask-making fiesta covers 12 characters, lives
'Domino' lives fast, dies young
The Hold Steady drinking it all in
It's just like riding something
Legend of Concert World's Works To be Performed Tonight
My Morning Jacket evolve
Broken Social Scene overreach
Blues man out to change the world

Latest Issue: October 18, 2005


What can be said about hair that hasn't been said before? It's important? Well, it protects our heads from all kinds of calamities: low branches, the hot Arizona sun, bird poop.

After all, the existence of hair has been a pivotal part of our human history. The cave men pulled the cave women by it during the Ice Age. Rapunsel let her man climb up it for wild nights of tower partying and fairy tale sex. Even today, don't we judge all politicians by the size and greatness of their hair? (So why didn't Kerry win then?) [Read article]


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