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Thursday, October 20, 2005
photo Nursing responds to shortage

College hopes to double caregiver enrollment by 2007

Amid a statewide nursing shortage, the College of Nursing hopes to relieve part of the crisis by doubling its student enrollment by 2007.

"The shortage exists, it exponentially goes up," said Judith Brown, director of Development and Community affairs at the College of Nursing. "It is already at a point where patient care is not at the level that hospitals would like to be providing." [Read article]

Grads want pres to share priorities

Graduate students asked committee members to look at the track record of candidates' past abilities with graduate student needs to ensure the issue carries on at the UA once President Peter Likins retires.

Many graduate students who spoke at last night's Presidential Search Committee forum said keeping tabs on the track record of the success of candidates, or lack thereof, would help keep the UA a "great Research One university." [Read article]

'Dynamite' show ticket sales slow

To break even, promoters would have to sell more than 1,000 tickets

Cast members from "Napoleon Dynamite" are still expected to appear at tonight's show despite sluggish ticket sales and a change of venue.

As of 4 p.m. yesterday, 65 tickets had been sold out of the 1,400 needed in order to break even.

Tickets for the event have been on sale for the past two weeks and will be available at the door for the 7 p.m. show. [Read article]

Eating disorder research lacks funding

Surveys and statistics about eating disorders on campus would help health professionals develop new counseling and treatment strategies, but a nutrition counselor said the lack of funding is preventing such surveys from going around.

The only polling group on campus is Health Promotion at Campus Health Service, which receives federal grants to do health surveys for UA students.

But the terms of the grants require the surveys be mostly related to drug and alcohol use on campus, leaving little funding for surveys about eating disorders and other health issues, said Gale Welter, a nutrition counselor with Campus Health. [Read article]

Campus briefs

Black activist remembered by Africana studies

A former Black Panther and revolutionary activist and journalist told students yesterday that the government's response after Hurricane Katrina proved racism is still alive in America.

"We can spend $400 billion on the war in Iraq but can't find money to build home for those who are now homeless," said Kiilu Nyasha, the keynote speaker at yesterday's commemoration of the life of Steve Biko. [Read article]

Quick Hits

ASUA approves funding for Homecoming floats

The ASUA Senate approved almost $800 to fund the building of Homecoming floats and voting awareness efforts at last night's meeting.

The Freshman Class Council received $600 to help fund the building of the ASUA Homecoming float.

The senate also approved $180 to fund a shuttle service to take students to the polls for the upcoming City Council election. Funding for handbills and the City Council forum was also included in this amount. [Read article]

photo Fast Facts

  • Oscar Wilde once spent two years doing hard labor after being found guilty of homosexuality.

  • Domesticated turkeys cannot fly. Wild turkeys can fly for short distances at up to 55 miles per hour. Wild turkeys are also fast on the ground, outpacing a man at up to 30 miles per hour.

  • The Chinese used to open shrimp by flaying the shells with bamboo poles. Until a few years ago, in factories where dried shrimp were being prepared, "shrimp dancers" were hired to tramp on the shells with special shoes. [Read article]

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