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Arizona Daily Wildcat
Thursday, December 1, 2005
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ASUA president's actions louder than words

Regarding the article "Bernsen accused of sexual misdeeds," ASUA President Cade Bernsen's character, so illuminated through his actions toward his female colleagues, has forced me to question how someone of this caliber is in a lead governing position. I find it appalling that he claims to have concern for and represent all students. In addition, since Mr. Bernsen is privileged with appointing his administration, I am forced to question the integrity of the ASUA administration as a whole.

Given Mr. Bernsen's recent statements to the Wildcat disregarding the voice of optics graduate students in their vote for GPSC representations ("I don't want to insult the graduate students in optical sciences, and I don't want there to be a war, but what I'm concerned with is (that) I think they're being misled."): ASUA is the only student government on campus with true representative authority; it will continue to speak for all optical sciences students.

One might conclude that these statements regarding the GPSC involvement and advocacy for graduate students might indeed be symptoms of ASUA's character, and therefore lack of true concern for students best interests and well-being. I do believe Mr. Bernsen has been the one doing the misleading. The lip service is not appreciated, for his actions are much louder than his words.

Joshua Gordon
optical sciences graduate student

Wildcat wrong to reveal identities of accusers

It is very unfortunate this has happened on the UA campus and within ASUA ("Bernsen accused of sexual misdeeds"). As a UA and ASUA alumnus, it saddens me to see such headlines regardless of the persons involved.

The Wildcat has a responsibility to the students to report such issues as this. Hopefully the Wildcat will give as much attention to other campus sexual harassment cases as this one, even if the story does not have the glamour of ASUA drama.

My reason for writing is because of a serious failure in the responsibility of the Wildcat to withhold the identity of sexual harassment victims from its pages. Even though the names were withheld, your article provides more than the necessary details about the two female victims in this case. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to take the age, major and stated positions (elected official and cabinet member) to quickly figure out the identities of these two women.

For the sake of these two women and potential future victims in other cases, please show more class when choosing how to describe the parties involved.

Dwight Maloney
UA alumnus

Student fans have duty to fill McKale Center

In our newly created student section in McKale Center, there are roughly 2,400 seats that have been designated for our seating. That is a miniscule number compared to the more than 10,000 seats that are filled to capacity at the football games, yet for some perplexing and nonsensical reason, we are not able to fill even that small number of seats we have for the men's basketball games.

We as students have to understand that McKale Center has been sold out for more than a decade now to the general public, and that we are the only people who are able to purchase seats on a yearly basis. We have a duty to not only the team and ourselves, but to the thousands of people across Tucson who would give a whole paycheck just to attend one game.

Right now, the fans who do attend are amazing, but for the ones who have tickets, yet don't go and don't give them to other students, you are making our student section into a laughingstock for other schools to see. I mean, when the Facebook group "Arizona Basketball Fans" has more than 5,400 people in it, there should be no reason that we can't fill up 2,400 seats.

This is a call to all students: If you have a ticket and cannot go, then give it up to someone who will. Our Wildcats have a legitimate chance at a Final Four this year, and if we can't get every seat behind them, then we are only taking away our precious home-court advantage that they need so badly.

So get to the games, and you will not be disappointed. Show your pride, show your support and let's make our section the country's best. We aren't the same as those robotic drones at Duke University because we have flavor, we have personality, and we need to prove to all those East Coast teams that if you come to Tucson, you are never going to want to come back.

Here's to a full student section and the best home-court advantage in the NCAA. Go Cats.

Nick Van Slyke
media arts freshman

Wal-Mart has 'absolutely everything'

I liked Dan Post's column "Quit shopping at Wal-Mart." It was very funny; however I think it would be impossible for me to stop shopping at Wal-Mart. That store has absolutely everything you could ever need for good prices. My favorite is Super Wal-Mart because I get groceries as well. I don't think it matters how the employees are being treated, it doesn't affect me and how and what I am shopping for. But, Post definitely made me laugh.

Hilary Greenspan
undeclared freshman

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