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Police Beat

By Jesse Lewis
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Thursday, October 7, 2004
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A $1,400 Dell laptop was stolen from an office in the Biology West building, 1041 E. Lowell St., sometime Monday afternoon, reports stated.

An employee in the area said at least 15 people use the room, which has hallway access that is usually unlocked, reports stated.

The employee said anyone could have walked in and taken the computer.

No one in the area offices saw anyone suspicious in the area, reports stated.

The computer was taken from an open desk. The thief did not take the power cord to the computer and there was no carrying case, reports stated.

Police found no evidence in the area.

The employee is going to obtain serial and model numbers for the University of Arizona Police Department.

The laptop was bought in June, and there is not a large amount of research on it.

A student's pickup with $1,200 worth of tools and a $2,000 stereo was stolen from a Zone 1 lot, 1420 E. Seventh St., sometime Monday, reports stated.

The student parked his truck in the southern-most row of the lot at 8:45 a.m. When he returned at 5:45 p.m. the truck was gone, reports stated.

The tools were in a locked toolbox in the bed of the truck.

The student locked the truck and had the keys in his possession. The car did not have an anti-theft device or alarm in use, reports stated.

Police put a search attempt out to locate the vehicle, reports stated.

Police have no suspects or witnesses.

A university minivan was found with the window shattered while it was parked in a Zone 1 lot, 1510 E. Second St., just before 10 a.m. Sunday, reports stated.

The van belongs to the Steward Observatory at the UA.

There did not appear to be any additional damage, reports stated.

Police have no suspects or witnesses.

A purse was found in a toilet in the men's restroom on the third floor of the Marvel building, 1213 E. South Campus Drive, Monday at 2 p.m., reports stated.

Five minutes after the purse was reported, a student called in reporting that hers was missing, reports stated.

Police showed the student the purse and she said it was hers.

The student said the purse was missing her wallet, which contained credit cards and $100, reports stated.

The student told police she had left her purse in the women's restroom on the second floor of the building sometime between 10:45 a.m. and the time it was found, reports stated.

Police have no suspects or witnesses.

A student's CatCard was stolen Sept. 30 after he left it in a copy machine on the fourth floor of the Main Library, 1510 E. University Blvd., for 15 minutes, reports stated.

The student was making copies and left the machine without ejecting his card at 1 a.m. When he realized he had forgotten the card and returned 15 minutes later, the card was gone, reports stated.

The student said the machine looked as though it had been used, but was unsure whether the person used his card, reports stated.

The student checked the library's lost and found but the card had not been turned in.

Police have no suspects or witnesses.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports. A complete list of UAPD activity can be found daily at

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