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Police Beat

By Jesse Lewis
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Tuesday, October 26, 2004
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A student was arrested for underage drinking just after midnight Sunday after he pointed a BB gun at a resident assistant in Arizona-Sonora Residence Hall, 910 E. Fifth St., reports stated.

Another RA called police after he saw the student point the gun at the first RA.

When police questioned the student in his room the student admitted to police that he had pointed the BB gun at the RA as a joke, reports stated.

Police saw about 12 beer bottles in the student's room and the student said he had drank them, reports stated.

The student was cited and released for underage drinking.

The RA did not wish to press charges against the student for pointing the gun in her face, reports stated.

The BB gun and a magazine of rounds for the gun were placed into UAPD evidence, reports stated.

The student said the gun was not his.

A $200 five-foot metal giraffe and the $2,000 sorority member portrait photo-composite were stolen from the main entryway of the Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority house, 1071 N. Mountain Ave., sometime early Sunday morning, reports stated.

There did not appear to be any signs of forced entry into the house and no other items were missing or damaged, reports stated.

Two students said the burglary had to occur between 12:30 a.m. and 5 a.m., Sunday, because the two had been in the area either before or after those times, reports stated.

The students did notice the "pit door" on the northwest side of the house was not locked at the time the burglary was committed, reports stated.

The main entrances to the house, as well as the gate, are cipher-locked and none of these were found unlocked, reports stated.

The students said they would inform the Greek Life advisors of the incident.

Police have no suspects or witnesses.

Two men jumped the fence and damaged a table on the patio of the Alpha Phi sorority house, 1339 E. First St., at 1:30 a.m. Sunday, reports stated.

A student said she heard a loud crash, looked out to see what was going on and saw the two men and the broken table.

The student saw the two men had jumped the fence and a table was broken. The student was unable to get a good look at the men and was not able to provide a description to police, reports stated.

The student checked the house for any other damaged or stolen items, but found none, reports stated.

She said the table had no value and may have been broken when the men jumped the fence.

She believed the incident was greek-related, but had no suspects, reports stated.

Police have no suspects or witnesses.

A student was slapped by an unknown man while she was walking on North Park Avenue on her way to Manzanita-Mojave Residence Hall, 1000 N. Park Ave., at 12:50 a.m. Saturday, reports stated.

The man came up behind the student and said, "Stay away from Chris," before he grabbed her by the shoulders, turned her around and slapped the left side of her face, to the left of her eye, reports stated.

The student said she was the girlfriend of a UA football player and on Oct. 13 or 14 a woman confronted her and said, "I've been watching you for two weeks, you're pregnant with his kid, you're getting fatter. Leave him alone, you came between us," reports stated.

The student said she had never seen the woman before that day and hasn't seen her since, reports stated.

The student mentioned the incident with the woman to her boyfriend and he said there was a person stalking him and he filed a report with UAPD, reports stated.

The student said she felt her boyfriend had shrugged the incident off, reports stated.

The student did not suffer any injuries and no photographs of the student's face were taken because the area impacted had no visible bruises or swelling, reports stated.

Police told the student to take photos of her face if she began to see any injuries.

Police have no suspects or witnesses.

A student's $236 bike, helmet, cable lock, pump and light were stolen from the bicycle rack on the west side of the Science and Engineering Library, 744 N. Highland Ave., sometime Friday, reports stated.

The student said she locked her bike with a cable lock through the frame and front tire at 8:30 a.m. When she returned at 2 p.m. her bike was gone, reports stated.

The student said her bike was not registered with Parking and Transportation Services but she did provide UAPD with a serial number for the bike, reports stated.

Police have no suspects or witnesses.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports. A complete list of UAPD activity can be found daily at

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