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Arizona Daily Wildcat
Wednesday, November 10, 2004
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Gays are people, not 'a people'

Cameron Moore's letter in Tuesday's Wildcat smacks of all the bigotry and intolerance he accuses the voters of. First off his claims of "my people" insinuates somehow that gays are a "people," which they are not - rather, gays are people, just like straights. Gays, by virtue of their bedroom activity, do not suddenly take on a new racial or religious characteristic, since gay people exist in every culture and every religion. Mr. Moore's hateful expression "rural rednecks that don't know any better" begs the question, why should non-gays be tolerant of gays if the gays are so hateful and spiteful towards anyone who disagrees with them? People like Mr. Moore should wake up and realize that their lifestyle does actually offend people, and however that may seem illogical to them, it does mean that people have the same right to be as offended by homosexuality as they are about pornography.

Mr. Moore goes on to say that people oppose gay marriage only for reasons that are "vague or religious in nature." Which insinuates that religion is not something that should be allowed to be part of America. America was founded on freedom of religion and its time people like Mr. Moore, if they believe so strongly in their constitutional rights, to start respecting the right of rural people and religious people to disagree.

Seth Frantzman
UA alumnus

Gays should leave marriage alone

By labeling the people he disagrees with as "rednecks," "white" and "homophobes," Cameron Moore has put himself on the same level as those who use hateful language against homosexuals.

If you want to get married, find a person of the opposite sex to drive to Vegas with. Otherwise, leave the institution of marriage alone. Let gay people make something up called "zarriage" or "barriage," give them the same benefits, but leave our damn institution alone. Can't traditionalists have one thing that is sacred without gays or liberals trying to filth it up?

All you immoral extremists are going to learn valuable lessons in the next four years. You have been so "tolerant" of allowing people to do whatever the hell they want without judging, yet you are quick to judge someone as a bigot or a redneck because they don't agree with your belief system. You can't stand it to see that two-thirds of this country is religious and try and make yourselves feel morally superior by saying that you are somehow more enlightened than the rest of the country. Why is it that you attempt to enforce your "no God" "God is bad" "religion is for rednecks" onto everyone else, yet you won't tolerate it when someone says "I think gay marriage is a bad idea," and you simply label them a homophobe?

Maybe that person isn't afraid of gays, they just don't agree with the damn lifestyle choices most gays make. Show me a conservative gay person who wants a civil union and doesn't go and sleep with almost every guy he meets, and I'll welcome that person as my friend.

Abortions banned. Gay marriage destroyed. The next four years are going to be great.

Gabriel Leake
mathematics junior

Liberals should call Bush their "daddy"

All right seriously, I thought the election was over. For the past two months all I've heard was crying from Democrats about President Bush. But I figured that after the election everything was going to be fine and the losing side would just stop complaining. I guess I was wrong. Apparently the liberals have become sore losers and hate that the majority of Americans disagree with their views. Personally, I don't like Bush, but he is a lot better than the liberal John Kerry. After listening to the debates on TV, I realized Kerry was way too liberal to run this country. Universal healthcare doesn't work - just look at Canada. It takes six weeks to see a doctor.

I believe this is what Michael Moore, Eminem, Green Day, everybody on the Rock Against Bush CDs, Bruce Springsteen, Moby, everybody on the Vote for Change tour, Linda Ronstadt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn, Ryan Johnson, Arnie Bermudez, Giorgio Torrieri, Scott Warren, Deborah Frisch, Delphine Perrodin, Ove Maard, Sara Fleming and every Kerry supporter who's been crying in the Daily Wildcat since August and will continue to cry, should do. Follow the lead of a Cy Young and World Champion pitcher, Pedro Martinez, and "just tip my hat and call George W. Bush my daddy."

Steve Painter
pre-business freshman

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