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Wednesday, December 8, 2004
photo Construction on plaza in honor of Ariz. women begins

Construction begins on campus today on a plaza that will honor women in Arizona, including the first woman to serve as an Arizona Supreme Court Justice, the first congresswoman from Arizona and the wife of UA President Peter Likins.

The groundbreaking ceremony for the Women's Plaza of Honor will take place today at 4 p.m. in the area west of Centennial Hall and east of the Arizona State Museum. [Read article]

photo Students pop pills to stay up

During the final weeks of the semester when students struggle with work overloads, some students say they will employ the help of prescription ADHD medications to help them stay awake studying.

One of the most common attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder medications is Adderall, which contains amphetamines.

Hal Crawford, Campus Health Services psychiatrist, said when used correctly, Adderall aids a person in calming down and focusing, but for someone who doesn't need it, it has the effect of several cups of extra-strong coffee. [Read article]

Student fee may appear on ASUA ballot in spring

ASUA senators are considering adding a general student fee to the ballot next semester after hearing different campus groups propose various fees.

The UA Adaptive Athletics program approached the Associated Students of the University of Arizona Senate at a meeting last month to propose a fee for all students to help the program continue.

ASUA Senator Erin Hertzog said different departments around campus, such as the library and the Student Recreation Center, have also requested charging fees to all students in the past. [Read article]

photo Saving seats could save grades

Sticking to one seat through the semester could boost test scores

Every day students find themselves sitting in the same seats in their classes, but what they might not realize is that where they sit might actually be helping themselves do better on their tests.

Whether it is because of habit, a boring class or an eagerness to learn, students often find themselves in the same places in the front, back and middle of classrooms they are in a couple times a week. [Read article]

Tunnel of Oppression delayed to February

Despite the university's continued focus on diversity this semester, with guest speakers and "UA Discusses Diversity," a popular annual Residence Life tolerance event didn't surface.

The annual Tunnel of Oppression, which is usually presented in the fall, was rescheduled to next February to make way for the Hunger Banquet, Residence Life officials said.

Brian Shimamoto, assistant director of multicultural education and advocacy for Residence Life, which sponsors both the Hunger Banquet and Tunnel of Oppression, said the Hunger Banquet moved from the spring semester to the fall, between Thanksgiving and winter break. He said around the holidays people are more aware of the hungry. [Read article]

photo Sports editor takes over Wildcat

Editor Brett Fera will assume student paper's top position

Two-time Wildcat Sports Editor Brett Fera is playing a new game next semester.

Fera, a journalism and communication senior, will be editor in chief of the Arizona Daily Wildcat in the spring after working at the paper for six semesters.

Described by Arizona Student Media Director Mark S. Woodhams as a veteran of the newsroom, Fera should have no problem assuming the role of EIC because he has worked as a page designer, sports writer and sports editor throughout the past three years, Woodhams said. [Read article]

photo Student offers cancer support

Senior creates online support group for cancer victims, families

Drew Manusharow, fine arts senior, lost his best friend this past summer. After fighting it for years, his father John succumbed to cancer the morning of May 12, 2004. Drew held his hand as he died.

In honor of his father's memory, Manusharow founded a support group for students affected by cancer on, a popular online networking directory for students that opened to UA students this semester. [Read article]

photo Fast facts

  • A condition known as hypertrophy (enlargement) of the tongue can sometimes reach such extremes that the tongue becomes too large for the mouth and protrudes over the chin, reaching down as far as his chest. This extraordinary enlargement may cause deformity of the teeth and jaw, and may even cause the sufferer to choke on his or her own tongue.

  • One-quarter of all the energy in the United States is used to heat and cool homes and buildings. [Read article]

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