August 24, 1994

UA players and coaches are downplaying magazine hype

Mt. Graham

University not as safe as many students believe

Posssible fourth Arizona college causes controversy

University gaining

Apache chairperson refutes 'cultist' label

'Harmlessness' of Mt. Graham project disputed

Police Beat

On Campus

Urination poses problem in Dhaka

Drneck will help new ASUA officials adjust

Drug use may rival alcohol as highway hazard

Remodeled Off-Campus Center offers more services

Senate still fighting over crime bill

Rwandan refugees attacked during repatriation

Election results show PRI likely to remain in power

'Friendly fire' results in critical injury to officer

Disney exec resigns, going to Disney World

Prosecutor pleads judge: no fine for rat killing crime

'Finalist' does not mean Prize Patrol on the way

Community efforts allow students to resume school

Slovak revolt against Nazis almost forgotten

Just what will Arizona do now?

Camp Cochise.a necessary evil

Cardinals vs. Broncos may prove to be a game of spy vs. spy

Players and owners still stymied after first bargaining meeting since strike

Bartender has new view of strike from a roof

UA track and field has busy offseason

Oregon State hopes to be doormat no longer


Pointless ultraviolence turns movie into drivel

Stillman's simple style makes 'Barcelona' a success

'Real Women' one of year's best


IFC will offer audience broader array of films

Not quite shining in his spotlight