Looking for feedback

The Arizona Daily Wildcat has hopped on the information highway, but so far itÕs been a lonely ride. Despite putting our e-mail account address in the staff box (see bottom of the page), we havenÕt received one reply. Every day the Opinions Board eagerly checks the accounts, only to find no messages. Yesterday we wept. ŌBoo-hoo,Ķ went the Opinions Board.

We want your input and we realize a lot of you use e-mail. Your e-mail letters should focus on UA-related issues or issues affecting college students at large. Please don't send us junk e-mail and only send original work. Some of the e-mail letters will be printed in Letters to the Editor and if it really picks up, we may have a weekly e-mail letter section.

We also have a new section called Health Q&A. If you have questions about any health-related issues from that thing growing on your toe to sexual questions, send it to the Wildcat. These letters can be submitted anonymously.

By the way, we are still looking for guest columnists. We've had a steady stream coming down to our office, but the more, the merrier.

So let your voice be heard and send us a letter. Please, our eyes are getting from red from crying.

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