Vote or you will pay the price of passivity


‘Kudos’ go out to the Opinions Board of the Wildcat for their substantive August 25 editorial -“University gaining reputation for poor undergraduate program.”

To my mind, the insightful piece outlines a number of concerns, which ultimately emerge beneath the heading ‘Priorities.’ Does this University prioritize athletics above academics? Without question, football and basteball bring in vital revenue. But the promise of a “rock solid” undergraduate education also attracts students, and it is that promises which lured in the most vital revenue of all – namely, Mine!

Burstein and Co. direct the second blow, that is, culpability for strangling budget cuts, towards “Gov. J. Fife Symington and his cohorts in the state legislature.” Indeed, the budgetary beatings, taken by highly-rated undergraduate programs, such as journalism, seem to indicate where Symington’s priorities lie when Arizona universities are concerned.

While further assessment must certainly be forthcoming, the ideas emanating from the Board of Regents to fund either proposed new UA research park or some fourth liberal arts college both appear unsound prima facie. The proposals seem analogous to reaching for another large helping of food before you can clear what is already on your plate.

Let’s face it – passivity has its price. The credit card companies and Energizer will try to wean young consumers onto the advantages of borrowing and batteries because they value student dollars (the highest bracket of disposable income), and the potential of making lifelong customers. Just imagine, consumers for life. That is a lot of gel-tabs and Vivarin.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if school administration, state legislators and the worthy governor alike, needed to fight as hard for our dollars and our votes. The fear such a powerful student block could strike. Young, motivated, educated, attentive, active citizens participating in the political process for life. Voters for life, concerned about the state’s long-term well-being, pillared on education. On that note, elections are coming in November to a district near you. There is still time to register. Make your concerns a high priority. Vote!

Yaniv Yitzchaki

Political Science/Russian


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