Don't abandon pets


It is the time of year when we find increased numbers of abandoned animals on and around campus. Often students who adopted animals earlier in the year realize that the pets do not fit into vacation or graduation plans. Many animals (particularly kittens and cats) are released on campus in hopes that "someone" will find the cute creatures and whisk them off to new loving homes. This is not usually what happens. If the animals survive the weather, cars, predators, starvation or illness, they live difficult and dangerous lives. Many of these animals are not neutered and produce litters who in turn reproduce.

I urge students to consider the long term before adopting a pet. If a student finds himself or herself with an unwanted pet, find a home by advertising in the city newspaper. The student could find a petsitter for the holidays (there are many advertised). Or, as a last resort, take the animal to a shelter. PLEASE don't abandon your pets.

Sandy Bonnicksen

Deaf Studies Senior

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