Column neglected many points


We are writing in response to James Bretney's "Abolish State University System" column (Nov. 18). Did he think before he wrote anything? There are a few things he neglected to mention:

1. The reason in-state students get a tuition break is to keep those students in-state and bring in new ideas for the economy.

2. Arizona taxpayers are benefitting from universities because universities in a state provide a job market and tourism that is generated by the visitors of out-of-state students.

3. Did he ever stop and think what exactly would happen if universities were shut down? Community services provided by university groups (i.e. the Greek system and Department of Student Programs, to name a couple) would cease to exist, economic opportunities would decrease and tourism would take a beating.

4. As for specific schools being created they exist have you ever heard of DeVry or Chaparral College?

5. Education in a specific field is only one benefit to university life. The exposure to new groups, modes of thought and ideas are what most college students gain. What good is a degree in accounting without the skills gained in other disciplines such as communication or English?

6. A degree in biology does not guarantee a high starting salary (at $19,000), whereas a degree in Judaic studies may have a starting salary of $25,000. Besides, haven't we learned that a degree does not equal a job?

7. Different majors have different fees, it's true. A computer science major does need a computer, but every biology, art or music student pays for studio time, lab fees, or room rentals which over a four-year period adds up to a similar cost.

So, eat your banana but if you don't take a science class you can't learn what pesticides on it will do to you!

Meredith Lee

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Senior

Elizabeth Jackson

NES Graduate Studies

Jennifer Anthony

Music Senior

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