Thanks for mock funeral


As a professor who teaches a course on the psychology of death and dying, I quite understand that people have strong feelings about funerals mock or real. In fact, many of the more arousing matters of the day relate to right-to-life, right-to-death, pro-life, organ transplants, etc. So, I am not surprised to see people who feel strongly about the event that took place on the Mall to support alcohol awareness. If you dealt with the families of students who have died because someone was drinking and driving, as I have over the years, you might lighten up a bit on this one and give thanks to Alpha Phi for making us more aware regardless of how we feel about it. The main point, however, is to know what to do when you have had too much to drink. Just knowing you shouldn't be driving is not enough.

At any rate my personal thanks to Alpha Phi for putting on the mock funeral. I sat in the audience and was emotionally touched by the enactment. Others were too. It was a sobering event and I use the word advisely.

Bob Wrenn

Psychology Professor

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