Mock funeral lacked 'Wildcat' support


I know that the mock funeral has created quite an uproar on your editorial page. I felt that the issue could not be dropped without this letter.

I have given up longing for the day that you will write a positive article about any organization on this campus. The mock funeral, sponsored by Alpha Phi, was one of the most effective and most attended events that has been on the Mall this semester. I do not understand why our school's newspaper could not find any room to write a story on the event. I want to explain how the funeral came about (since the Wildcat never did).

In 1988, Jessica Schroeder, a UA student, died in a drinking and driving accident. Every year since, Dr. Schroeder, her father, has donated $1,000 to the best alcohol awareness program proposed by any club or organization on the UA campus. Alpha Phi won the award last year with a crash on the Mall and this year with our mock funeral. Dr. Schroeder stated that this was the best program that has been proposed in the last eight years. He was so impressed with our idea that he had planned on coming to the UA for the first time since his daughter died to meet us and see the program.

The father who lost his daughter because of drinking and driving supported this program enough to give Alpha Phi $1,000 to execute it. I do not see the fairness in others' comments who choose to pass judgment on the program saying that it was done in poor taste. The point was to make an impact and create an awareness about drinking and driving. That we were successful in doing. To those who were offended, we apologize. At least you were affected.

I feel that your paper found no room to write about this event since it was purely positive. The Wildcat is no longer a NEWSpaper, it is a gossip paper about all of the bad things that happen on this campus. I hope one day the myth will be proven wrong that only bad news makes the news. Why not try printing a paper that would make people feel good about the school they attend? Why is it always negativity that is highlighted? Try taking a stand and writing about all of the good that students and faculty work so hard to do on this campus instead of searching for a story that only tells the bad things. Whatever happened to the old saying, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all"?

Jamy Hoff

Communication Senior

Alpha Phi President

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