Reader appreciates the 'Wildcat'


During my years here at the UA, I have been a faithful reader of the Wildcat. Sometimes it's informative, sometimes it's not, but always it's a better alternative to paying attention during a boring lecture class. I've never felt the need to actively participate by writing a letter to the editor, but after reading today's Opinions Page, I felt obligated to do so. I was disheartened to see that all of the letters to the editor contained some type of negative comment toward the Wildcat. Lately, it seems that many students have nothing good to say about our school paper, and frankly, this annoys me.

After reading Jon Burstein's column ("A small, good thing" Nov. 22), I realized we had something in common (besides an "Empire Strikes Back" lunchbox) I, too, take many little things for granted. Everyday when I arrive on campus, the first thing I do is pick up a copy of the Arizona Daily Wildcat. A little thing, really, not something that I consciously think about; I just do it. Throughout the day, I read the articles between and often during my classes. I laugh at the antics of the "Masked Galloot" and the crew of "Big Fun." In short, (and I may be one of the few students that will admit this) I truly like the Wildcat.

So, Jon, I just wanted you to know that your column had a positive effect on at least one reader. And I hope that other students here at the UA will come to realize the "small, good thing" that the Wildcat staff provides for them everyday. I just want to be the first to say "thank you."

Amanda Ebel

Political Science and Economics Junior

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