Graduate admits he told sexist jokes, but don't blame him


As a recent graduate, I have a confession to make. I admit to having told a few sexist jokes to fellow UA students since my enrollment in 1989. Thank goodness I now know that it wasn't my fault. Now I recognize that I was educated in a patriarchal environment that desensitized me to the real world. I now understand that it would be foolish to blame me for my own behavior, especially after completing a course of study created and taught to me by the UA. I even have a copy of the 1994-95 student/faculty directory as evidence of the environment in which I was encouraged to become a part of.

So if there's anyone out there that may remember some of my offensive remarks, don't come to me for an apology. Go ask the University of Arizona for one. I'm just a victim. It's about time!

Jeffery Troutman

UA Graduate

B.A. Media Arts

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