'Wildcat' needs to check facts


Perhaps before the Wildcat editors and reporters try their hand at election coverage again they might want to do a little research. I know it is asking a lot to check out your facts or maybe even call a campaign headquarters. In both the staff editorial and article covering the three major races, Congressman Jon Kyl was referred to as the Republican incumbent for the Senate race against challenger Congressman Sam Coppersmith. Surprise for the Wildcat, Dennis DeConcini is the sitting senator.

I also enjoyed the coverage of Congressman Jim Kolbe versus challenger Gary Auerbach. "He (Auerbach) said in opposition to Kolbe,'Very fundamentally I believe that the United States must produce the finest educated children and young adults.'" Is the Wildcat reporter suggesting that Congressman Kolbe does not believe in educating our children? If so, I have some news for her. While the Wildcat interviewed Mr. Auerbach, it appears as if they did not even bother calling Congressman Kolbe's campaign. The Wildcat does tell us that Congressman Kolbe did vote for NAFTA. However, if the Wildcat staff had done their homework, they would have discovered that Kolbe was instrumental in the passage of NAFTA and received national attention for his efforts, much more than just voting for the agreement.

I know reporting is a difficult job and it is hard to get the facts straight, but I think UA students deserve a little more effort.

Dan Jurkowitz

First-Year Law Student

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