Apology for 'core' letter


Jeez. I didn't realize I had touched such a raw nerve. I don't want to perpetuate the "belligerency" I referred to in my previous letter, but I'm curious how Thomas E. Tolley got so offended by my half-sentence reference to him. I do realize that Thomas is an accomplished man, after all he does have "10 years of business leadership experience" and he has made many cost-efficient (I think that means cheap) products" so I know his self-righteousness is justified. I didn't mean to imply that Thomas hadn't "been there" or "done that" but I can see how my discussion of the core curriculum led to that conclusion. I apologize for not being "qualified" to hold an opinion but really, who among us can compare to Thomas' resum‚? So I just want to say I'm sorry for expressing myself and offending Tom's delicate sensibilities and I hope all of you who have a stronger resum‚ than myself can get back to discussing the issues.

Apologetic as Hades,

Joe Holmgren

Biochemistry Sophomore

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