CARE insert bashes males


CARE to give us a break?

How come males were represented as the sole instigators of date or acquaintance rape in Campus Acquaintance Rape Educators' Wildcat insert "Women and Men Against Rape?" Why did the "educators" fail to mention the other ugly reality: sober, drunk or drugged-up horny females? Even if males are more likely to commit rape on dates (and on the streets) I don't think it was fair to represent males as the only rapists. CARE perpetuated this misconception rather than bringing it to our attention. I found eleven different statements that implicated men as the criminals in this matter. There was not one statement or hint that men could be raped too (by women or men, or women raped by women for that matter).

Be CAREful next time. You raped men on this one.

CEAMBÄ Campus Educators Against Male-Bashing

"Coming to terms with men as real people and not uncivilized nightmarish sex craving animals is part of growing up." Stung.

Name Withheld Upon Request

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