Accept homosexuals for who they are


In his letter to the editor, Bo Johnston condemned homosexuality as a sin and said we should be encouraged to "give up this unnatural lifestyle." My question for Bo: What business is it of yours? I am not a religious person and don't feel qualified to argue with Bo's knowledge of the Bible. I'm sure the Bible does condemn homosexuality, but since it is over 2,000 years old, there might be some portions that are out of date or that have been added in for personal reasons during the hundreds of years of translation.

Regardless of biblical accuracy, Bo has the right to believe whatever he wants to, but I think he should do some research that extends beyond the index of his Bible. How many gay people did he talk to before forming his opinion of us? With his attitudes, I'm sure Bo does not have too many gay friends. Does he honestly believe that with a little encouragement we would gladly turn straight? It is absurd to claim that "homosexuality is not love." Where did Bo get this from? Who did he ask about this? Millions of homosexuals are involved in loving relationships just like those enjoyed by heterosexuals.

Sarah Garrecht was much closer to the truth about homosexuals. We are just like everyone else except that we love people of the same gender. We are not forcing ouselves to do this, and it is not a question of just not having enough encouragement to give it up and act heterosexual. Given the amount of prejudice and hatred out there, who would choose to be gay if it were just a question of talking to Bo and getting encouragement? If people like Bo Johnston don't like homosexuality, no one is asking them to be gay. All I ask is that people try to be a bit more open-minded. It is a good sign that Mr. Johnston encouraged people not to hate homosexuals. He now needs to realize that we are not some project for him to work on. I would think that someone who is shocked by the very mention of homosexuality would be a bit more reluctant to spend the energy to look us up in the Bible and crusade against us in the Wildcat.

David Stoutenberg

Fine Arts Junior

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