Vouchers offer no promises

By Elizabeth Hill

Arizona Daily Wildcat

From the end of the line at the bookstore to the front of the line in an office, the wait ranged from one minute to one hour yesterday.

Football was the goal here, and students missed class to get a shot.

Family Weekend begins Oct. 21 and yesterday was the time to get a football ticket voucher for parents. There are exactly 3,000 tickets available for the Oct. 22 UA-UCLA football game.

Possession of a voucher does not guarantee the holder a ticket. Ann Parker, assistant director of student activities, said vouchers will be given to everyone who registered their family. Tickets are only given on a first- come first-serve basis, and only those students with vouchers will be eligible.

Voucher holders will have to be at the McKale Center box office early Monday. Tickets will go on sale at 9 a.m.

People were camped outside the Student Union doors at 6 a.m., said Tonya Hladky, an administrative assistant for the Department of Student Programs. The doors didn't open until 10 a.m. "It's crazy," she said. Hladky said the vouchers are distributed in the Student Union every year.

Diane Newman, also an administrative assistant, said, "It's crazy because the team is so hot, and everyone wants tickets. From what I understand, McKale Center sold out in mid-August."

Business freshman Michael Medor was disgusted by the line.

"It stinks," he said. "I might be late to class."

Amy Howard, exercise and sport sciences freshman said, "I have class now. I'm missing it for my parents."

"I'm going with friends, this is for my parents," Howard said.

Finally at the front of the line, Danielle Jurow, political science freshman said, "I'm stoked. I've been here almost an hour."

Jurow told the woman at the door her last name. The woman looked on her clipboard. Jurow showed her student ID. Then she went to booth number five. Then she signed the voucher.

After this hour-long wait she is ready to go to McKale on Monday to buy the tickets. "These vouchers aren't even like a promise," she said.

Architecture freshman Mike LeRay said he looked forward to spending time with his parents. He said he hasn't gone to see any football games yet this year, but, "My mom wanted to do it so I think it's important."

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